How to Make Money Online with No Money to Start?

Posted by Grace under Business on December 17, 2014

Here is the simple and practical guide on how to make money online even without any money as your investment capital. The idea written here is for information only, I know there are tips out there on how to earn extra cash on the internet offer for free. But to answer your curiosity here’s my simple idea. After you have read this idea, do not expect to earn thousands overnight. This is not a rich quick, this is just an idea good for housewives, unemployed or students or for those who are already employed but wants to earn extra income.

All you need (the things needed) are computer, and your willingness to learn. Remember, your goal is to make extra money with no money. There are many people who are reading in this blog and one of their “queries” is not just about investing but how to generate cash on the internet.


How to Make Money Online

1. Motivate yourself and believe you can make cash online. But, it requires a lot of work. Since your goal is to not putting any investment here. So you need to work really hard.

2. Prepare your materials needed such as your computer. I assumed you already have your email address since you have a Facebook account, right? If you have no email address, try to create on Yahoo mail or Gmail.

3. Join money making websites. When I say money making websites, these are the programs on the internet, wherein, the user can make cash by just doing a simple task. Of course, if it is an easy task you will only small amount. But if you are willing to do some difficult task, you can make as much money as you can.

4. Decide whether you want to become an affiliate or virtual assistant. For those who want to become an affiliate, try to join affiliate websites like Clickbank, Amazon or Moreniche. Clickbank sells digital books, Amazon sells any products from small toys to expensive items. While on the other hand, moreniche sells weight loss products like acai berry pills.

5. After you have join these website. Decide whether you want to sell your affiliate products by video marketing, article marketing or email marketing. Example, in  video marketing. Try a very approaching ideas like creating an instructional video and upload it to youtube and then redirect your viewers to your affiliate product, once they buy the product, you make a sales commissions. Same as article marketing, there are lot of article directories out there. Write an article and submit it to article directories. Again, after every article, redirect your readers to your affiliate product.

6. Whenever you have reached the payment threshold in an affiliate website, you will receive your payment or earned commissions via check or via PayPal (an online payment processor).

How to Make Money Online: Tips & Warnings

Do not join every affiliate websites online. Many of them are just scam. After you have joined the legitimate and paying ones, promote products and make sales, some websites won’t bother to pay your commissions. So, beware.

Avoid promoting products not related to your interest. Example, if your interest is computer, your affiliate product must be related to computer not gardening tools. Since you are knowledgeable about the usage of the product, it is easy for you to promote it and make sales.

This is just the basic guide on how to make money online. Why not subscribe to and receive other money making ideas on the internet. Aside from money making ideas, you will also receive investing tips.

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