How to Make Million Dollars in a Month?

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Want to know how to make million dollars in a month? Many people are looking for an accurate and best ways to earn one million dollars every month whether they will make it online or in a traditional business. Take note that you can’t make million dollars in a month if you are just working for someone else. The idea is to sell something or invest money to make millions.

In this guide we will just do the basic math. In one month we only have 30 days. In a year, we have 365 days. Let’s just talk about the things to do within 30 days to make millions of dollars.


Things Needed:

  • Investment Capital
  • Investing Strategy
  • Selling Strategy

Why do you need an investment capital? Those money will be use and it will serve as the instrument to earn your first million dollars. And your goal is to make it as fast as you can, your goal is to make $1,000,000 per month. Am I right?

Always remember, you need to spend money to make millions. Unless someone will throw a bag full of dollars in it. Unless you know 1,000,000 friends and they will all give you one dollar each. But that’s not a good idea, begging a millions of dollars to someone else isn’t a bright idea.

How to Make Million Dollars in a Month

If you want one million dollars, you have to work for it. And here’s the work you can do to make million dollars in a  month;

  1. Invest $500,000 and double it after one month. You need to find an investment opportunity that allows you to earn 100% in 30 days.
  2. Sell expensive thing. Don’t sell candy. Sell expensive thing like cars, real estate properties. The idea is to become an affiliate of car dealers or be a real estate agent. To make million dollars in a month, you need to analyze the income you can generate per day. In some cases, you also need to know how much profits or commissions you can get in selling expensive things.
  3. Ask the millionaires to give you millions of dollars. Ignore this tip, you have to work hard and work smart to make millions of dollars in a single month.
  4. Make $33,333.33 to make $1,000,000 in 30 days.

We will use example number two. Because most millionaires are using this technique. Assuming we can make $3,000 each sale (any products or properties). You just have to make 11 sales per day to make millions of dollars in one month. 

Making millions isn’t easy. It requires patience and perseverance. You need to become focused. try to sell something and analyze how many products you should sell to make million dollars a month. If you are making $10 per sale, you need to sell 100,000 pieces of your products in one month to reach your goal.

If you think making million dollars in a month is difficult, you need to change your plan. Instead of planning to make millions in one month, try to make it in one year. That way, you only need to sell 274 products per day. Let’s do the math again. Assuming you are making $10 per sale, in 365 days just make $2,740 per day. $2,740 x 365 days is equal to $1,000,100. To make $2,740 per day, you need to sell 274 products everyday that makes $10 profits for every sale.

I hope you find this tip on how to make million dollars in a month useful. Try it yourself! Do you prefer to sell something or do you prefer to work for someone else? As I have said awhile ago, if you want to make millions, invest or sell something expensive. Do you have any idea aside from selling to make millions of dollars in a month? Leave a comment below. Let me know your reactions about this guide.

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