How to Make a Million Dollars?

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Want to make a million dollars? Learn how to earn your first one million dollars ($1,000,000) today by following the simple yet effective guide to make money by doing business and investing. To acquire a million dollars isn’t a big or not unusual for few people because they are already rich, however to have this amount of money is somewhat a “big dream”. Is it a big dream for you or just an unusual, uncommon, have you already made millions of dollars in your entire life? If not, here’s the simple guide to make it a reality. It important to take action after you have read this money making guide for you to see results and prove that the content written in this is effective and useful.

Let’s begin. Ask yourself, what is your current financial situation? Are you in debt? Are you also unemployed? Or, are you struggling too much to make a lot of money. Struggling because you are looking for the perfect formula to earn millions of dollars, struggling because you think too much on how to become rich, work too much but you realized you are still “poor”, or still belong to “middle-class” people.


This article is written for you, especially if you don’t exactly know the formula on earning a massive amount of money.  Let me start the guide, please continue reading and if you have some ideas, please add your ideas in the comments box.

How to Make a Million Dollars?

You must know what you want to get what you want. You must also know why you want what you want. There are many reasons why people want to become a millionaire. Some people want to become a millionaire is to impress other people or buy what they want like luxury cars, jewelries, house and lots, fancy clothes, diamonds, etc.

You must know the main reason why you want to become rich, if your intention in becoming rich isn’t pure or isn’t beneficial, the chance when you became rich, you will never become happy. Your goal is to become happy and rich, that’s my goal too. Here are the things to make yourself a well-motivated to earn millions of dollars.

Millions for Yourself

First, think about this. If other people can make millions, you can do it also. If they deserve to earn that amount of money, you deserve to earn a lot of money, too. What do you want to buy? A car, a house, want a grand vacation in Paris, New York, Safari? Want a luxurious lifestyle? It’s up to you, just make sure you think and know what you really want to do for the (millions) money you earned.

Millions for Other People

If you earned your first million dollars, what would you do? Would you still become generous? Will you become boastful or “weird”? Will you give money to other people who are in need? Will you feed other people’s mouth? What? Your intention really matters. Just think how happy you are if you can buy your parents or spouse a beautiful home a secured village.

Think how happy you are if you can help your daughter to study in her chosen university taking his chosen college course. How happy you are if you can give your loved ones what they really needs like foods, clothes, education, or the things that they feel happy, too.

Millions for Your Community

If you are earning millions of dollars, will you stop earning that amount? Is it good to create an ideas to help unemployed people? Think how happy you are if you can donate money to charities or typhoon victims. How happy you are if you can have your own scholarship program. How happy you are if you can help prevent global warming using your money by sponsoring money to global warming campaigns like planting trees and other things related that can help prevent global warming.

Now you know the reasons why you want to become rich, and how do you use your million dollars. You have realized that you can become happy if you can help other people and your communities. It is now the time, to become a truly rich, but first, you must have a “millionaire’s mind”.

Millionaire’s Mindset Does Really Matters

You must think, act and talk like a millionaire. Study their way of living, how do spend their money, how do they save money and how did they earned their first million dollars. How do they think about money, do they think hundreds, thousands or millions? They think big and get big.

Make a Million Dollars in a Specific Period of Time
This is just an example to make millions using a “number game”. It is effective especially when doing your plan. Assuming, you have your own business selling “calculator”. Your product is a calculator. The supplier’s wholesale price is $10 each but the suggested retail price is $14.000,that means, every time you sell a calculator, you can make $4.00.

  • $1,000,000 Per Day – If you want to make $1,000,000 a day, you should sell 250,000 pieces of calculator in one day.
  • $1,000,000 Per Week – If you want to make $1,000,000 per week, you should sell 35,714 pieces of calculator per day in 7 days.
  • $1,000,000 Per Month – If you want to make one million dollars ($1,000,000) per month, you should sell 8,334 pieces of calculator per day in 30 days.
  • $1,000,000 Per Year – if you want to make $1,000,000 per year, you should sell 69 pieces of calculator per day in 365 days.

The example above is just a product making a profit of $4 per sale. Maybe you ask me, what if I am selling services such as dental charging my patient amounting to $50? The answer is easy, to make $1,000,000 per year you should have making a dental services with 20,000 persons within a year.
As you can see, the example is just a number game, however, even if it’s only a number game, it is important to play it especially if you are planning to make millions.

Make a Million Dollars in Business

You already knew your reasons “why” you want to earn much money, you already know how much people to serve to make millions per day, per week, per month, per year and how much money to make in a specific period of time to acquire millions. You already familiarize the number game, let’s proceed, to the one million dollar business example.

If you want to earn much money, start your own business. Even rich people know that if someone wants to become really wealthy, one must mind his own business. There are businesses out there to help you make your first millions. You can start with a scratch. Becoming an entrepreneur is challenging but rewarding. Rewarding in a sense that you can provide jobs for unemployed people, rewarding in a sense that “the income is unlimited”.

Start your own business now, you can attend seminars first. Then apply what you have learned in the seminars. If you don’t want to create your own products, you can start your own business via “affiliations” – selling other people’s product. To succeed in business, you must inclined your business in your interest and hobbies. Example, if you love cars, then try to sell cars, or sell car parts like tires, mags, etc.

Employees Trying to Earn Millions

Do not quit your job yet, you can become a par time entrepreneur, when your business is stable it’s time to become a full time manager in your own business. One good thing, while you are an employee, save as much money as you can to invest in your business.

Tips for Employees Who Wants to Earn Millions

If you really love your job and the company, you can still have the chance to earn millions of dollars by investing. Investing can help you make your money grow. There is a stock market,mutual funds and even bonds. Try to not just save your money in the bank, instead invest your money in these different types of investments to make $1,000,000.

Final Thought on How to Make a Million Dollars

Here is the summary or practical advice to make $1,000,000. I hope this article is very useful. Kindly spread this knowledge if you want to help other people, to make their first millions of dollars, too.

  1. Know your great reasons why you want to become rich. Is it only for yourself, for other people or for your community?
  2. Have a millionaire mindset, we talk about $1,000,000, therefore, you should have a millionaire’s mindset not a “thousand dollars” mindset.
  3. Familiarize the number game. How much money to make in a specific period of time to earn millions? How many products or services to sell required to make millions of dollars?
  4. Consider starting your own business, because entrepreneurship can give you a potential unlimited income.

Did you find these tips useful? Follow these tips if you want to make a million dollars. So what are you waiting for? Invest your money now or start your own business. I will appreciate your comment.

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