How to Invest Money in the Philippine Stock Market?

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Want to know how to invest money in the Philippine stock market? Are you planning to invest your money in the Philippine stock market? Well, let me teach you the shortest and simple guide, learning to invest and make money in the stock market is a good way to become financially free, to become rich, how investors make money, maybe you read stock market in some blogs, books and TV shows, but you are curious how stock market works. Okay, I hope you appreciate this simple guide, just to help you get started, just do it and take action. Before you invest, experts say you should have emergency funds amounting to three or six times of your monthly gross salary, life insurance for protection and health care. I absolutely agree.

How to Invest Money in the Philippine Stock Market?

Believe me, investing money in the Philippine stock market is very easy! Filipinos all over the world can do this.


Step One.Choose your stock broker, let me tell you this, there are stock brokers in this country but they are different, I didn’t try the other broker aside from COL Financial, why? It is because my concern is to invest in stock market not to waste my time searching which is the best, as long as it is legit and legal company (stock broker) then I will go for COL Financial.

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Step Two.Just download the COL Financial form, you can apply for individual account, joint or in trust for.  Individual – you own the account as well as the stocks,  joint – you or your wife, friends, etc. In trust for – you and beneficiary where in you can transfer the account to other name (maybe your child).

Step Three.Fill up the form and mail it to COL Financial office, you can do it via LBC. I did it via LBC together with scanned proof of billing and other scanned valid government ID’s.

Step Four.Wait for your account to get approved, wait in your email or by phone. Maybe a week or two. I got my account approved within a week.

Step Five.Once your account get approved, you can fund your account via bank, you can see the guide on how to fund COL Financial account in their official website.

Step Six. After funding your account, you don’t have to buy the stocks, learn first which companies is the best and profitable to invest with. Col Financial has also a suggestion which stocks, like for example TEL, Ayala Land Inc, Jollibee Food Corp, SM Prime Holdings, Bank of the Philippine Islands, these recommendation can also be seen in their guide “ easy investment program”.

Step Seven.Decide how much money you want to invest in the stock market every month, if you ask me how much I a investing in the stock market and which companies? I invest P3,500 every month this year 2013 and adding P500 yearly.

August 2013 to July 2014 P3,500
August 2014 to July 2015 P4,000
August 2015 to July 2016 P4,500
August 2016 to July 2017 P5,000
August 2017 to July 2018 P5,500

(That’s my strategy in investing in the stock market, aside from that value cost averaging every year I have also an strategies in buying and selling stocks, I will buy stocks below my “buy below price” and sell it in when it hit the target price”).


Stock ABC | Current Price 20.50  Buy Below Price: 19.50 target Price: 25 (Buy Stock)
Stock ABC | Current Price 20.50  Buy Below Price: 21.50 target Price: 25 (Stop Buying)
Stock ABC | Current Price 24.93  Buy Below Price: 19.50 target Price: 25 (Sell Stock)

That case I maximize my profits, and then I will just continue buying stocks with but below price and selling target price, and I am not buying stocks that are not belong to giant companies or blue chips.

Step Eight.Buy your stocks. Do your part, study and learn. But in my case, I just want to buy stocks in the companies which I believe will last for 20 to 50 years. Just invest in giant companies, like San Miguel, PLDT, SM, Ayala Corp etc.

Step Nine.Take action, don’t be afraid in investing in the stock market. Unless you don’t know what you are doing. Just keep on studying and learning, but be careful not to waste your time searching for ideas, lessons, the most important thing here is to start investing as soon as possible.

Step Ten. Welcome yourself to the investment world, keep on learning, have a goal and follow that goal. My goal is 20 years from now I have extra P10,000,000.00, and my children has stocks on different giant companies.

For your information:
There are guides and lessons in, and video tutorials on how to start investing in stocks and sell stocks, including the explanation of their easy investment program. God bless you and your goal. May your dreams come true. Happy investing in the stock market.

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Investing is not that hard, actually it is pretty easy, the hardest part is “deciding”. Before you decide to invest in the Philippine Stock Market, calculate first your retirement target earning asset. Thank you for reading this guide, I hope this page help you learned not just investing in the stock market but also other topics about financial education. If you want to ask questions on how to invest money in the Philippine stock market, just use the comment box below! Happy stock market investing to all Filipinos!


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