How to Invest Money in Mutual Funds in the Philippines?

Posted by Grace under Investing on September 19, 2013

Want to know how to invest money in mutual funds in the Philippines? Interested to make more money and millions in investing money in any of the Philippine mutual fund companies?

Some Filipino readers are asking me how to get started with mutual funds, they want to try to invest their money in mutual funds but they don’t know how, the reason why I am sharing my experiences on how to invest money in different investment vehicles is because I want to let other people know that investing money is one of the great way to achieve financial freedom, however people are afraid to take risk, believe it or not, the higher risk you take the higher return and the higher chances of becoming rich faster.


I am not trying to convince you to invest your hard-earned money unless you have lots of knowledge and you are and your loved ones are ready, when I started investing in UITF, mutual funds and stocks, and started my own business, I talked to my wife if she is willing to try, I discussed all the possibilities, the risk and the profits. I’m glad she is also interested, that time, we set our financial goal, our monthly budget and how to increase our income.

How to Invest Money in Mutual Funds in the Philippines?

That’s the beauty of it, we talk everything about finances, but to the topic, how to invest in mutual funds, here’s the guide;

Step One. Choose of the top performing and most reliable mutual fund companies (example: PhilEquity Fund, Inc.), you can see the list of the mutual fund companies in the Philippines with their official website, addresses and telephone number.

Step Two. Submit all the necessary forms (can be found on their website), valid government ID’s and other required documents.

Step Three. Choose which type of mutual funds, is it in equity, balanced, bonds or fixed income. I prefer equity for these funds are invest in stocks, that means I invest also in the stock market but not directly, only the fund manager will do it for me. And for a reason that I am doing it long term, 5 to 10 years and an amount of P2,500 to P5,000, you can check my mutual funds investment portfolio here.

Step Four. Set a goal, if you will do it lump sum (big amount on one time investment or small amount investing regularly per month). In my experiences, I choose to invest per month although I can do it lump sum. Set a goal depending on your purpose, maybe your profits will use to buy a house, for your child’s education or for a family car, or a business capital allotted to 5 years or more.

Step Five. Just do it with discipline, make investing  habit, and that habit will make you rich certainly. I hope you like this page, there are numerous investing topics you can read in, based on my experiences, I am not boasting around here, what I want why I wrote and blog about financial literacy is to educate everyone about wise spending, proper budgeting, wise investing and starting own business.

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Have something to say about investing money in mutual funds in the Philippines? Do you have experience in making millions in investing in mutual funds? Did I forget something on this topic? Let me hear your thoughts about this guide. Do not forget to share this guide to your friends. Thank you!

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