How to Invest Money for Your Financial Future? (5 Steps)

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Want to know how to invest money for your financial future? Here are the 5 tips to achieve financial freedom by investing for your future. I know you are familiar with the old saying; “what you do today is your future”. It simply means, there is a big impact to your future  whatever you are doing today. The point here is, you have to prepare and focus your attention for your future. Investing for others is risky but for a man who has ambition like you, it is not risky.

Think about your future, will you take risk to have a bright future or just sit there and wait and see what will happen in the future? I’m sorry, but it is proven life won’t work that way. You must set a financial goal, you must prepare by taking actions, one of the best moves you can do to have a bright future is to learn financial education. Learn to save and invest your money.


If you are struggling in your life financially, it will be a great reason why should you invest. Many times, some people say they are poor, but, they don’t do something about it. If you want to become rich, and want to stop to struggling financially, today is the right time to invest.

You often hear stock market, mutual funds, unit investment trust funds. What do you react most when you heard this financial terms? They sound like as if they are from the other planet. You think it is hard to invest with these financial products, but the truth is, it is so easy!

How to Invest Money for Your Financial Future?

Do you want to retire rich and comfortable? Investing is the answer! The formula in getting rich is hard work + financial intelligence + investment. You need to work hard, but working out all through your life is not good. Do you want to work when you hit the age 65?

I think NO! That’s why, you have to learn how to become financially intelligent. You will only become a financially intelligent person if you will take risk and invest your money.

Benefits of Investing Money

Investing as I always mentioned in my article, can make you not just rich but super rich. To prove it to you, kindly ask Mr. Warren Buffett why he is now the third most wealthiest people in the world how he became rich. He may simply answer you a short word; investing! The benefits of investing can help you to become a financially free individual.

5 Steps in Investing Money for Your Financial Future

Step 1. Have the habit of saving money, whether it can be on a simple piggy bank or in a bank account. What matters most in this step is you will train yourself to save money, so that the following tips will be easily to you.

How to Invest Money for Your Financial Future? (5 Steps)

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Step 2. Have a financial road map. Know your investment goal, your purpose and your investment horizon. Investment horizon means the time period or years you want your money to stay invested. Once you draw a financial road map and you determined the cost of your monthly investments, then start immediately. Do not procrastinate, delaying your investing can cost you more money.

While making your financial goal, take time to read how much you should invest to acquire your target earning asset during retirement. What we mean by “future” here is the retirement days, right?

Step 3. Do not invest, hope and pray. Invest with confidence by means of acquiring knowledge and skills on investing. Attend financial literacy seminars or investing seminars. Also, it is advisable to consult with a certified financial planner.

Step 4. Self disciplined is a must. If you really want to succeed and achieve financial freedom, you need a self discipline. To have a self discipline when it comes to investing, ask yourself what Robert Kiyosaki is always asking in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”; the question goes like this; “who is smarter, you or your money?”. Of course, you! Money are just paper and have no brain. You have a brain that can control the money.

Step 5. Stay updated. Continue learning and growing. Increase your knowledge. Read news about the market, track your investments and keep on investing until you will achieve your financial goal.

Tips & Warnings

You can’t do it alone! You need a financial planner to guide you and help you in your investing activities. Talk to a certified financial planner and ask about risk profiling, and the things you should prepare before diverting your attentions into financial investments. It is advisable to consult to a certified financial planner, to avoid financial planning mistakes.

Now you know how to invest money for your financial future. Do not procrastinate or delay your investment. The earlier you start, the earlier you will achieve financial freedom.

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