How to Invest 50,000 Dollars if I Am 35 Years Old?

Posted by Grace under Investing on December 17, 2015

A reader asked; how to invest 50,000 dollarstoday if I am a 35-year old guy with 2 kids. My $50,000 is my family savings. I just put the money in the bank until I realize that my fifty thousand dollars is not growing enough.

David FW from Illinois, USA is asking a question last night on how he should invest his $50000 savings. David became so interested after he know the future worth of $50,000 one time investment. I received the message of David via email. If you want to ask questions, just drop it in the contact page of this blog.


My Response on How to Invest 50,000 Dollars

Hi David, thank you for always visiting It is a great decision to invest money. Since you have 2 kids, they will be a great reasons why you should invest money. There are many investment opportunities. We have stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate or even invest your $50,000 by starting your own business.

It is advisable to allocate your $50,000 to minimize losses. Diversify your investments. Before you dive into investing, try to educate yourself first by attending investing seminars or talk to a registered investment advisor. Your question will be answer in my official blog. See the latest updates.

How to Invest 50,000 Dollars if I Am 35 Years Old?

First subtract your age to 1oo. You will get 65. That means 65% of $50,000 should be invested in high risk types of investment such as stocks and business ownership. The other amount should be invest in low risk types of investments such as bonds and certificate of deposits.

Further Reading: Asset Allocation by Age and Risks Tolerance

Letter to David;

Before you invest your $50,000, make sure you bough life insurance and you already have a medical/health insurance. It is advisable to keep money as your emergency funds. If you are earning $1,500 per month, the emergency funds you should need is $9,000 (6 times of your monthly income).

how to invest $50000

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Ways to Invest $50000

Here are some of the proven ways on how to invest fifty thousand dollars;

  • Invest in real estate, flip houses using your $50,000.
  • Invest in stocks – guide in stock investing for beginners.
  • Start your own business.

You have to consider creating your investment plan. Also, it is advisable to think of the future of your kids. Invest money for their future. When they grow up, you have to make sure they have enough education funds.

I hope you find this page useful. As a conclusion, if you want to invest $50,000 or any amount of money, you still need to consider asset allocation (how your investments should be distributed) to minimize the losses. Consider hiring a certified financial planner or a registered advisor to get a proper advice. What about you, if you were David, what do you think is the best investment options for your $50,000? Thank you for reading!

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