How to Invest 50000 Dollars for 35-Year Old Investor (Q&A)

Posted by Grace under Investing on July 30, 2016

A reader ask; how to invest 50000 dollars if I am 35 years old and what is the future value of my 50k investment after 10 years and 15 years? A reader from Vancouver Canada wants to know the exact process of investing 50,000 dollars.

I believe that Jimmy (the sender) is very serious in preparing his retirement. If Jimmy has 50,000 dollars investment capital and he is 35 years old, the best things to do first are as follows;


  • Before you invest pay off your debts or at least lessen your debts.
  • Knowing Jimmy’s current financial situation can help him analyze his investment objectives.
  • Jimmy should invest 50,000 dollars according to his age, needs, goals and risk tolerance.

Investing 50000 dollars is already a serious money. Having said that, we should carefully invest 50k in an investment that can give us sure return.

However, it is hard to find an investment that can give us sure return. Because it is a fact that if we invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate, forex, business or even investment in the bank, there are “guaranteed returns” to any types of investments.

Last month I calculated the possible future value of 50,000 one time investment. The result is amazing because of compound interest. A 35 year old man can take advantage of long-term investing because he is still young. If he decided to pull out his investment at 60, at least he invests his money within 25 years; a good investment horizon.

How to Invest 50000 Dollars?

The right question to ask is “where to invest 50k”. Because in investing, the “how questions” are very easy to answer. Just put your money in an investment, wait and get the profits. As simple as that. The important question is the “where”.

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How to Invest 50000 Dollars for 35-Year Old Investor (Q&A)

Personal Question: How Should I Invest 50,000 Dollars?

Answer: If I am 35 years old now and I have 2 kids, I should invest 50 000 dollars in business and paper assets. But I shouldn’t forget to buy life insurance and health insurance as my income protection.

If I have 50 000 to invest today, 70% of 50,000 dollars should invest in business. At the age of 35, I must have a stable business. And when my business makes profits, I will invest the profits in stocks and mutual funds as my paper assets.

What should I do to other part of 50 000 dollars? Simple, I should invest in real estate. I only need some cash for my down payment when I want to buy a property. The other required money should acquired by means of “leverage investing”.

It will be easy now for me to get a loan to leverage my real estate investment because I am a business owner. The bank and other financial institutions will easily approve my loans.

The other part of 30% of 50,000 dollars should be my emergency funds and use to buy a life and health insurance.

How to Invest 50000 Dollars for 35-Year Old Investor (Q&A)

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How to Invest 50000 Dollars (Opinion)

The best way to invest money is to review asset allocation according to your age. Don’t just invest money because you see other people are making money from a specific investment.

The first thing to do if you are a beginner is to invest in education. The more you know about investing and personal finance, the more chances you can succeed financially. But of course, you need to take action and take risk carefully if you want to turn your financial goals a reality.

Where to invest 50,000 dollars? Analyze your risk tolerance according to age if you want to know where to invest 50k. You might realize that investing in stocks and real estate can be good for your age. Or you might not know that investing in bonds can be good for you age.

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