How to Increase Your Investment Funds?

Posted by Grace under Investing on July 21, 2016

A guide on different ways to increase your investment funds whether you are investing in stock market, mutual funds, real estate and business. Increasing your investment funds is a wise idea and it can be done through applying for a loans and saving money effectively.

Many beginner investor wants to have a big amount of money as their investment funds but they don’t know where to get it and how to get the money to use as their investment capital. Let this simple post about investing will guide you how on how to have a bigger amount of money to invest.


Things Needed
You need some important documents like tax identification numbers, business permits, collateral like car or lot title. Also government valid IDs are also required.

Steps to Increase Your Investment Funds

Step 1. Set a target goal. If you are investing $100 per month this year, try to increase your investment funds by $150 or $200 next year.

Setting an investment goal will help you increase your investment capital. That’s the reason why you should first create an investment plan before you will start investing your money. Always remember, if you have no goal, you will likely not to succeed in your investing journey.

Step 2. Increase your income. You will find increasing your investment funds if your income is too low. Do something to increase your income first. Try to make extra money during your free hours.

There are many ways to increase your income. The common ones is by earning money by selling affiliate products. Many people are making a lot of money by starting their own business or by being a virtual assistant online.

Step 3. Save money in the bank and invest lump sum once you accumulate larger amount. This is very easy, all you need to do is to save money as much as you can and then put the funds in your investment account.

Step 4. Make use of financial leveraging. In my previous post, I mentioned that financial leveraging will also help you increase your investment funds. It is risky because you will borrow money from the bank or to other people and invest the money. The process is called “making money out of using other people’s money”. Take a look at this post on how I used salary loan as my investment funds in mutual funds.

Tips and Warnings

Increasing your investment funds means you have the intention to invest large amount of money. This investing strategy will reward you sooner or later. Just keep on investing. Never stop investing until you meet your financial goal. Intelligent investor don’t just analyze the market. They analyze what’s going on to their investment plan, is the plan really executed according to their plan?

Also, if you want to increase your investment funds, do not use other money if it is for emergency funds or for your daily needs. That’s why, it is recommended to increase your income by earning extra money in your free hours and then invest the money you earned for those part time jobs.

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