How to Get Rich Without Education?

Posted by Grace under Careers on January 18, 2016

How to get rich without education is one of the hottest topic on “getting rich”. Few months ago I posted an article how to get rich without a college degree, the post was read by number of people in United States and other part of the world. So, here is the continuation or the reminder on how can anyone get rich without education.

I believe education is the key to financial success, I hope you agree to that statement too. You can get rich even without formal schooling. There are many people who are just finished elementary level but now they are super rich. Want to know their secret.


Find out how to really invest in education and start getting rich, asap!

Get Rich Without Education is Possible

The education system of other countries program the mind of the students to become an employee after they graduated in school. Here’s the scenario. A student will spend 2 years in pre-education, 6 in elementary, 4 in secondary, 2 years in senior high school and 4 years in college. A total of 18 years in school.

Are all people who entered college get rich? No, most of them are not rich. Why? It is because, “money” and “getting rich” is not taught in school. Maybe in other countries, but most school, money, personal finance, investing and business is not a “subject”.

How to Get Rich Without Education?

How come you would like to go to school if you want to get rich. If you really want to get rich without education, do what other uneducated but rich people do.

How to Get Rich Without Education

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  • They work hard but most of the time they work smart.
  • They work for money, but they know how to make their money work for them.
  • Rich people became an employee. but they didn’t remain as an employee.
  • Rich people set up their own business after they quit their job.
  • Rich people became rich because they spend time to increase their net worth not their working income.
  • Rich people spend time to read books and apply what they have learn.
  • Rich people continue learning and growing by attending business seminars and investing workshops.
  • Rich people invest money in stocks.
  • Other rich people are uneducated but they know the secret in multiplying money.

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There are many “rags to riches” stories. Read one and be inspired. Believe me, anyone can get rich as long as he knows what he really wants in life. If you want to get rich, don’t go to school. Spend more time in owning a business and investing and learn along the way.

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