How to Get Free Money Online Legitimately and Easily?

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How to get free money the easiest way possible today. Get free money legitimately online.

Whether you want to get free money from ATM (I think it’s not possible unless you will hack the ATM which is a bad idea) or ask money from the government (which is also not a good idea), this post will help you how to receive money in different ways without expecting it. The word FREE money is very interesting. Many people are looking for free such as free stuffs, free information, free food and even free money. The old saying; “every good thing in life is free”. However we need to speed money to experience those good things. When I was making a withdrawal in ATM, someone ask me to give him a cash. A beggar on the street can get free money. If you’re not a beggar, you won’t get any free money unless you will follow the tips given in this page.

How to Get Free Money from the Government

You can get free money from the government in different ways. Through scholarship program, the government will give you money to use for your tuition fees and sometimes money as school allowances.


Some countries give free money to their senior citizens. Other countries are also giving free money to disabled persons.

Loans and grants aren’t free. Yes, you can get easy money once your loan application is approved. You have to pay the government if they will allow you to borrow money.

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How to Get Free Money o the Internet via PayPal

If you have a website or blog, you can ask your visitors to donate money using PayPal. If you know how to activate PayPal donation in your account, you can ask anyone to give you free money by just telling them to transfer some money using your PayPal donation URL button.

You can’t get any free money online aside from asking for donation. The money you get or received from taking surveys are not free. As long as there is an exchange (products or services) when getting money, those money should not be considered as free.

Some says they are making free money online. Don’t believe them. Most people who get free money online are doing “hidden” tasks like taking surveys or they work for someone else. Don’t believe easily to those people who are recruiting members. They want you to make believe that the company they’re affiliated is giving free money.

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How to Get Free Money the Easy Way?

Therefore, if you to get free money online. You need to build a website or blog. Educate your readers. Make your visitors satisfied and liked your blog. In return, they will give you a favor. They will somehow ask you about your PayPal account because they are willing to give you free money. If you integrate PayPal button, all they have to do is to click the donate button and donate money using their credit card or using their money in their PayPal account.

Other Tips to Get Free Money

There are financial institutions (banks and investment firms) who can give you free money. And that is if you will create an account with them. (1) see reference, notes and disclaimer.

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  • Get FREE $25.00 if you open a Betterment.Com account
  • Get $15 by taking few surveys with MySurvey.Com

Things You Should Know

Disclaimer: The offers from these company may end soon, or will never become available from other countries. Trademarks and business names are own by their respective companies. The source of original offers are came from ThePennyHoarder.Com (see reference).

Reference (for offers)

Do you have any ideas on how to get free money the easy way possible? Have you experience to ask money on the internet? Do you know blogs or website that has PayPal donation button?

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