How to Double Money in Stock Market?

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 18, 2016

Here is the ways on how to double money in stock market. I know you are very interested to read this guide on how to double your investment capital in stocks.

Would you like to invest $100 in stock market and earn 100% after few years? How would you like to double your money? Are you willing to wait? In stock market investing, it is possible to make your money doubled in just few years. There are many investors who are earning big time. They are earning more because they know how to make stock market investing profitable.


How to Double Money in Stock Market?

Assuming you invests $1,000 dollars in the stock market. Your goal is to turn your $1,000 into $2,000 after few years. There is a certain rule or formula to follow if you want to double money in stock market.

You should read this post about interesting future worth of your investment, learn how to invest $1,000 and double it. The reasons why I want you to read that post, so that you will have an idea how I calculated the future worth of an investment.

How to Double Money in Stock Market in 5 Years?

To double your money in 5 years, your money should be earning 14.4 percent each year. Through compound interest, you can easily double your money. Here is the example scenario;

  • Invest $10,000
  • Make your $10,000 doubled in 5 years
  • You should earning 14.4 percent average each year
  • Reinvest the profits
  • Invest within 5 years

If you can follow the guide, you can double money in stock market. Now, if you want to double your money in 3 years or 10 years, just use the rule of 72.

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