How to Choose Stocks for Long Term Investment

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 21, 2015

Want to know how to choose stocks for long term investment? The basic guide on how to choose the best stocks to invest in. Buying stock shares is very easy since it can be done through online trading platform. A readers of asked us a question regarding the best way to choose the best stocks to buy this year and good for many years.

The reader is asking not just one recommended stock but more stocks. He plans to invest not just for short term but for long term since he is asking a good stock to buy and hold for many years.


Things Needed

When choosing the best stock to buy, all you need is knowledge in reading fundamental analysis. And of course, you can’t buy stock if you don’t have a stock broker.

How to Choose Stocks for Long Term Investment

Think about a company that you are familiar with, a company that you really know its products and services. Example, think one company that sells pharmaceutical products and then buy some company shares.

Aside from familiarity, it is important to buy only a company stocks that has a proven records such as good company management, high quality products and services, has reached globally and know the balance sheet of a company.

One good idea is to know a blue chip stock price. Find a undervalued stock, buy stocks and hold it when the price is going better.


The best stocks to buy and hold are the stocks belong to the company you are familiar with. You have to investigate if the company has a good record. Do not forget to search for the company’s balance sheet. When finding the best stock to buy, you must choose some of the undervalued blue chip stocks. Feel free to share your ideas on how to spot the best stock to buy and hold for long term growth.

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