How to Become Rich in Short Time?

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Learn how to become rich in short time today. A guide and ways to become rich quickly for young and adults.

Many people want to know how to become rich in short time. This article is the continuation of “getting rich series”. Knowing how to get rich in a short period of time is awesome. The question is basically the same as if you are asking “how to get rich fast” or “how can you become rich quick”.


In the book of Wallace D. Wattles entitled “The Science of Getting Rich”, he said;
“Getting rich is not a matter of environment, for, if it were, all the people in certain neighborhoods would become wealthy; the people of one city would all be rich, while those of other towns would all be poor; or the inhabitants of one state would roll in wealth, while those of an adjoining state would be in poverty”. (1)

I quoted this line because it has something to do with our discussion. Think about it. I agree with the statement of Wallace D. Wattles. “Getting rich is not a matter of environment”. Whether you born poor or rich, whether you are in a peaceful or crowded community, whether you are in food niche business or pet niche business, you will get rich as long as you “really” want to become rich.

Also, there is a hidden message about that line. The hidden message is “you have to think why other people become rich in short time and why you are getting rich slowly”. There is an exact “things” to do to get rich fast. I am not bias, I don’t say that this article is not the exact things to do to become rich in short time. Think about the “exact formula” now.

Become Rich in Short Time – A Matter of Time

If getting rich is not a matter of environment, getting rich is a matter of time. How? Many people are getting rich faster. Some became so rich in just a week, some takes months, some people became rich in just one year and other people get rich after 5 years or a decade or two.

How to become rich in short period of time is not the right question. The right question is “when is my plan to get rich”. Be specific, a short of period of time can be one day, a week a month or just a year.

Whether you want to become rich quickly or slowly, you need to understand the process. And the process of getting rich is;

Getting Rich in Short Time by Thinking in the Certain Way

Again, this was quoted from the book “The Science of Getting Rich”, the author said;
“You must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want; you cannot transmit an idea unless you have it yourself”. (2)

By thinking how much money do you need to consider yourself rich is the first step of “becoming rich”. Aside from thinking the exact amount of money and the materials you should posses such as cars, house and lots, business empires and jewelries, you should also know the exact “plan” or “formula” on how to acquire these riches.

So if having $10,000,000.00 is the exact amount of money you want. You are not rich if you only have $9,999,999.00. The process is thinking in the certain way. Do you plan to start your own business? Do you plan to invest in stocks? What is your plan or strategies to get the “material things” you desire?

How to Become in Rich in Short Time?

Here is the step by step procedure on how to become rich in short time. It is up to you if you will follow this guide or not. Just make sure you do everything about these process and you’re fine.

Step 1. Know What You Want.

Be specific on the things that you really want. If you want $10,000,000 right now, make sure you are sure about it. Otherwise, this process will not effective. Your thoughts, your words, your actions determine the things that you really want. If you say (words) $10,000,000 is enough but your mind (thought) keep on “telling you” $10,000,000 is not enough, that means you don’t know what you really want.

If in your mind $15,000,000 is enough but you only sleep in bed, watching TV all day long and keep on wasting your time everyday (inefficient action), that means you don’t know what you really want.

Step 2. Focus on What You Want.

Do not focus on what you don’t want. You want to become rich. You don’t want to become a super star. There are super star who are still broke. What I mean is you should make sure that everything you do has something to do about your goal – you want to become rich in short time.

The word focus has lot of meaning. For me, being focus is not exactly about “being a centered on your target”. For me, being focus is about “how do you usually spend your time”. Make sure you spend your time in getting rich not in the activities that will only make you a poor person. Such as, killing your time in social media.

Step 3. Have a Proper Plan.

If your plan is to become rich after three years, then, you should think the things to do in the next three years. What exactly you can do to become rich in short time? Make sure in the next three years, you only do the things that really matters most. If $10,000,000 is enough for you to consider yourself rich, what is your plan to get it after 3 years?

You should earn $3,333,333.33 per year to get $10M in 3 years. How can you earn it? What is your plan? What have noticed in the middle of our discussion? I said “you have to think about the “formula”. What is your formula now to become rich in short time?

Step 4. Execute Your Plan.

Don’t just make a plan. You create a thought about your plan to become rich in short time. You think about it and then? You type in your computer keyboard. You print your plan. What next? Execute your plan and stick to it with exemption (see step 5). I know you’re familiar with this quotation; it said “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. So, do you really want to become rich quick? Then, have a plan and do it. Do not create a plan and then sleep and keep on dreaming while you are getting your butt fat. Work your plan, do something about it!

Step 5. Analyze and Track Your Goal.

Tracking your goal is one great way to know if the plan you are following is effective or not. You only have to stick to your plan if it will really help you to become rich. A plan is a written statement. You can revise it every year or every moment you realized that the plan is not effective enough.

Citations: (1,2) Wattle D. Wallace, Author, The Science of Getting Rich, 2012 Jego Publications, Manila, ISBN: 971-94-1030-0, page 7

Tips & Warnings

Do not waste your time. Execute your plan immediately if you want to become rich in short time. The 10% of your time should be spent in planning (creating your formula) and the other 90% of your time should spend in taking action (testing your formula). You can never see any great results unless you took action.

Don’t join the get rich quick scheme such as high yield investment programs online, MLM networking (that promises get rich quick). MLM are good if you are willing to do what other successful internet or network marketers are doing.

Invest your money in stocks, business and other high risks types of investments. These investments can give you fast return on investments. But be aware of the risks you are taking. Don’t be afraid to take high risks if you want to become rich in short time.

Getting rich in short time is a great challenge. Challenge yourself. But, do not forget to keep yourself healthy. This challenge will require more than 10 hours per day of work. Make sure you are still healthy after the challenge.

So, what can you say about this guide on how to become rich in short time? How do you usually think about getting rich? Do you want to become rich quick or do you want to become rich slowly but surely?

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