How to Become Intelligent Investor?

Posted by Grace under Investing on February 1, 2016

Ways on how to become intelligent investor whether you’re investing in stock market, mutual funds, business and real estate.

If you are planning to become a brilliant and smart investor, read this simple guide. Most successful investors are insightful and spend more time in thinking about “investment opportunities”.


Many of us wants to become successful investor. Of course, in order for us to become successful, we should intelligent investing our money whatever the conditions of the market. Investing is a skills whereas it can be the tools to achieve financial freedom. You don’t have to be like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki just to become successful. They are famous successful investors. We should know what they are doing during the ups and downs of market. What are their habits and characteristics? How do they become a successful investors? And most of all we should find out which vehicle they are “focused”.

Here are some of the tips and tricks on how to become intelligent investor. Explained by in simple ways. I hope after you read this tips, you will share your ideas and opinions.

Table of Contents

Famous Intelligent Investor
Know Intelligent Investor Strategies
Read the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
Intelligent Investor Do Analyze Risks
Intelligent Investor Know How to Leverage Money
Learn from Your Investing Mistakes
Intelligent Investor are Educated Investor

How to Become Intelligent Investor

Know Who are the Intelligent Investors and Model Them

There are many intelligent investors. As I have said awhile ago, those are the successful investors. For example, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki. Some of them are interested in stock market investing, some makes fortune in real estate investing and some are investing in different vehicles.

Do What Intelligent Investors Do

They don’t just invest money. They comprehend the events and issues in their community before they invest money. They are understand what and have a clear imagination what will happen next after a certain disasters or calamities or any big events like presidential elections.

They have exceptional decision. They decide to invest money money or not after calculating the risks. They have deep understanding about market analysis.

Read the Book of Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor 

If you really want to become intelligent investor. Read the book of Benjamin Graham, the book entitled “The Intelligent Investor”. You will gain more knowledge in investing after you read that book. The book is available online and it is downloadable in PDF files.

Analyze the Risks when Investing

They just don’t analyze the risks. They are intelligently responds to varying situations like market crash, disasters, etc. There are many things to consider when analyzing the risks. The risk in industry, market risk, management risks, etc.

The Use of Leveraging

The intelligent investor use leveraging. I talked about leveraging in my previous articles. Leveraging can be use in many ways. The most popular is leveraging money. You can also leverage people, successful entrepreneurs and investors knows how to use people by using other people’s time and skills to make money.

Learn from Your Investing Mistakes 

Past mistakes can be your best guides. Mistakes can be useful to become a successful investor. But, make sure you are learning from your investing mistakes. Make “mistakes” your best friend. However, you don’t have to commit million mistakes just to become intelligent investor. An intelligent investor commits only few mistakes and learn from them.

An Intelligent Investor are Educated Investor

Don’t be an ignorant investor. Although it is normal to commit mistakes sometimes, mistakes will only make you a stupid investor if you always allow them and make mistakes the reasons why you are not making any investment progress.

The unintelligent investor are the uneducated investor. Agree or disagree? So, if you want to become intelligent investor, invest in education first. That’s the best advice you should take home today if you want to know how to intelligently invest your money.

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  1. Glenn Stocks Trader says:

    Do you have any list of investment strategies or Warren Buffett rules of investing. I want them to compare with Dave Ramsey’s basi rules. I just read intelligent investor book.

    Thanks for the tips anyway.
    Glenn Stocks Trader

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