How to Become Happy and Rich?

Posted by Grace under Money on August 8, 2013

Learn how to become happy and rich by following the a smart personal finance advice. Find the best tips to become happy and rich today and the secret on how to become a millionaire. I will teach you on how to become a happy person and at the same time how to become rich, read each word fo word for I am a happy now with my life because I have everything I need and money comes to me easily everyday. Do you want to know the top secret?

In my previous post, I already mentioned the top secret of becoming rich, these are the certain things and habits that rich persons are doing. Read the article here. There are people who are happy but they are not wealthy, same as people who are wealthy but not that happy, in order for us to learn the secret of becoming rich and at the same time to become happy, let me share my point of views about happiness and wealth.


People are happy when…

People are happy when their stomach are full and they are eating their favorite foods or whenever they are eating delicious food, people are happy when they have the latest gadget or using the latest technology such as brand new cars, latest cellphones, expensive watches etc, people are happy when they have a lot of money and when they have a lot of time for themselves and for their loved ones.

How to Become Happy and Rich

You should become happy when you are still alive, when you have the chances to spend a bright new day, when you are spending your life in serving and helping other people, but you can’t do in many ways unless you have a lot of money, so your first goal must be “to become wealthy?”, then hellp other people by using your money.

Secret of becoming rich…

The secret of becoming rich can be read here, but I will add some information on how to become rich successfully, I am not teaching about how to become rich overnight, first you have to think positively and focus on wealth, if your mind setting is a mind setting for poor, you cannot become wealthy, if the way you think is just like the way the rich people think, then you can become rich also. So start with mind setting, always put this in your mind, you are now a “rich”, you are now a millionaire”.

Great reasons to become happy and rich…

Maybe things can make you happy, gadgets, luxury cars, food, house, travel, quality time with family, these things can make you a happy person, but you can have it all because of MONEY. Therefore, you must have a lot of money before you will become happy? That’s not right, the right and proper mind setting is you should always happy on what you are doing, serving people by building business, selling useful products, giving great services and the money will follow.

In order for us to become happy, we should serve other people by using our wealth, in order for us to become rich, we must have the great reason why should we want to become a rich man, do not contradict your mind and action with your goal of becoming rich and happy.

Now you have an idea on how to become happy and rich in life. In my next article, I will going to write about a the ways on how to succeed in life easily. An interesting topic, isn’t it. A perfect life that everyone is dreaming of.

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    Great booster for me to think differently & move on to a next dimension to reach my goal…

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