How to Become a Famous Hollywood Celebrity? (9 Useful Tips)

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How to become a famous Hollywood celebrity for every aspiring Hollywood actor, actress, singer or performers. Tips to become a popular Hollywood celebrity.

Dreaming to become a famous Hollywood celebrity? You have any clue how to make yourself famous. You have no idea where to begin. Let this simple guide help you start your career in Hollywood and become really so popular, fabulous and successful celebrity.


When I was young I always watch the movie of Tom Cruise. For me Tom Cruise is a very talented and extra ordinary Hollywood actor. When I watch his movie Mission Impossible and the Top Gun, one thing I noticed. He looks tough and smart. He acts like he is in the real world not in front of the video camera.

One of my favorite actress is Angelina Jolie. There are many scenes wherein she looks and act really great. Why do you think Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise are famous? Is it because they are already popular? They have big names in entertainment industry? Nope, it is because they don’t act as an average. So, the lesson goes like this. Whether you are now already a Hollywood celebrity or just aspiring one, be the best that you can be, show your best because people will recognize you if you do.

Things Needed

You need to prepare not just yourself but your talents and skills. How can you acquire acting skills? By simply attending acting workshops, you will gain that skill.

Also, it is required to spend some money for your clothes, fashion, accessories. When you’re just a beginner, don’t spend too much, just buy what you need. Just make yourself look like Hollywood celebrity.

How to Become a Famous Hollywood Celebrity?

If you are dreaming to become a famous Hollywood celebrity like Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie, be sure to follow their footsteps, do what they are doing and do anything you can.

Tom Cruise as Famous Hollywood Celebrity

Image Credit: Ian on CC 2.0 via Flickr

1. Attend acting workshops.

There are schools of arts available in your country. If you have money, learn acting in United States. If you attend acting workshops in a place near Hollywood, California, USA, your chance to become famous is very easy. Who knows there are film producers and directors in your workshop looking for specific character and personality.

Tip: Aside from Hollywood, California, find schools in New York. After attending school, you can apply to work as an stage play actor/actress.

2. Make friends with other Hollywood celebrities.

The famous quote; Birds with the same feathers, flock together is applicable in this tip. If you want to become a singer, be with singers, if you want to be a actor, be with the actors or actresses. If you want to become a Hollywood celebrity, then, be with the Hollywood celebrities.

Where to catch them? You can catch Hollywood celebrities in famous places or elegant places. You can also attend Oscars (Academy Awards) every year if you want to meet Hollywood celebrities, directors and producers.

3. Grab every acting opportunities on stage and on screen.

Don’t let every opportunities pass you by. Grab every acting opportunities. Whether it is a small project or big project. Who knows, a small project will be the instrument to make yourself get discovered by the big players in entertainment industry.

I think Tom Cruise will never become a popular Hollywood celebrity if he is choosy in every projects offered. So, if you want to become famous, start small and play small. Sometimes, by just acting as an extra, dumb, idiot, clowns, comedian or act as a terrorist in the movie will help you move forward in your career as a celebrity.

4. Dream for a big project.

However, don’t just be contented in small projects. The famous celebrities became famous because they reached wide audience. Example, which do you think can get wide audience, the independent film or the movie Mission Impossible wherein this movie is available in every Cinemas worldwide.

5. Get nominated in Oscars or Academy Awards.

You can never become one of the nominees of Oscars if you are not giving the best in your work. If you act because you want money, you will never survive in the industry.

When you become at least a Academy Awards nominee, your name will become famous and remembered by other people, by other celebrities, by film directors and producers. So, strive to be a Oscars awardee.

6. Be passionate, keep your enthusiasm burning.

As I have said awhile ago, you can never survive in the entertainment industry if your focus in on money. People love to entertained. The more people like you, the more chances you can become rich. So, your focus is to make other people happy. I am talking about billions of people. Let them entertained.

7. Know the latest fashion trends and get in.

It is ironic that you are living in 2016 but your fashion was already seen by many people many decades ago. However, not getting in the latest fashion trends has advantage. Take a look at tip number 8 for some reasons.

People love to talk about celebrity who are in fashion. If this month is summer, wear appropriate clothes. Just have your own style. Many people will admire you and give you the credit for the style you discovered.

8. Be unique and have your own trade mark, brand name, etc.

Miley Cyrus. Not many people know about her. What have you noticed about her style? Wearing unique fashion style. Dancing weird moves. Changing her looks.

However, Miley Cyrus is not that popular compared to Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, is talented, passionate and have really a X-factor. His voice! The first thing that people know about Michael Jackson is his voice, second his his dance steps and the last is his fashion style.

Are you into comedy? In a serious film. A love story? A horror movie? A action film? Well, you will become popular if you can act in any scene. Take a look of Leonardo DiCaprio, he became so famous when he became the Jack of Titanic. He is good at love story, in action movies.

Same as Josh Hartnett, the Black Hawk Down, the Wicker Park, the Pearl Harbor are great movies. A talented Hollywood actor good in any scenes, excellent in any role. Can you do that? If yes, you can really become a famous Hollywood celebrity.

9. Appreciate and model other Hollywood Celebrities.

Don’t get jealous or get envy when other Hollywood celebrities are getting rewarded. Instead, praise them and model them. If you appreciate other Hollywood celebrities, they will appreciate you, too.

Tips and Warnings

Becoming popular will take time. If you are fortunate enough, sometime it only takes small project to become a famous Hollywood celebrity.

You need to acquire acting skills. Act as if you are in the real world. Act as if you are in a reality. Spend more time to develop your acting skills.

If you really want to become a famous Hollywood celebrity, follow the famous. Idolized them, be like them and it will be good if you become more famous than them.

Unfortunately, there are Hollywood celebrities who became popular because of sex scandal, illegal drug abused, alcoholic, etc. It’s up to you on how to make yourself popular. It’s your choice. To become popular in good thing or to become famous in bad things!

Entertain as many people as you can. Entertain different types of people, rich, poor, old, young, teens, adults, married, single men and women in different parts of the world. Make use of social media. Create a facebook page, a twitter account, google plus page, instagram, etc.

You can also become famous when people saw you are concerned and protect the environment. You can become popular when people saw you are taking care of poor people, women, old and abused persons.

For me, the best Hollywood Celebrity are those who inspired people and change other people’s lives. They are good role model. They have a strong family relationship. They are great not only on screen but on real life as well.

So what can you say about these tips? Did you find this post useful? Did I forgot to add important tips and tricks on how to become a famous celebrity? Leave a comment below. Share this with your friends.

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