How to Be a Nice Guy with Your Money?

Posted by Grace under Money on November 24, 2014

You should be a nice guy with your money! The basis of wealth is money, if you are wealthy and at the same time you’re a nice guy, you are wonderful person that everyone wants to meet. If you really want to make great impressions to human relations, stay humble even though you are rich.

Staying humble doesn’t mean you will lose your confidence and think like a poor people and stop thinking like a really rich person. I am not suggesting that, my suggestion in all my articles is “get rich” because that’s the best way you can help your country, yourself and other people.


Okay, so how to be a nice guy with your money? Prove to other people especially poor people, that rich people are not greedy. Prove to poor people that rich people are kind loving and generous. But, how can you do it? This is our topic today at


You will practice become a humble person, a grateful person and really prove to other people that you are really a nice guy.

Things Needed

You will use money, and other old stuff because from time to time my suggestion is “giving and tithing”.

How to Be a Nice Guy with Your Money?

1. Every month, meet people who are in needs, extend your help by giving money or donate some things they really need such as clothes, foods etc. You can also give your old stuffs to other people such as books, toys and other used stuffs.

2. Every week, make a tithing to the church. It is not necessary to make a tithing of 10% of your income. It is great as long as you love and happy on tithing, amount is not important, how you value tithing is more important than the amount you gave to the church.

3. Donate money to typhoon victims or unfortunate people in the charity.
4. Treat your loved ones (spouse, kids, parents) everyday. Give them something such as gifts, cash or the things you think are useful to them, or give them the things that make them happy.

5. Be a nice guy to your co-worker, business partner, employees by not showing off your wealth, by becoming a good business partner, by paying your employees on time.

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6. Pay yourself first, you will get richer and richer if you will do this. Paying yourself means investing money first before giving money, tithing money, spending money for your needs and expenses. As you have notice, the slogan of is pay yourself first, invest in future.

7. When someone thank you for your generosity, accept it but do not forget to acknowledge our Almighty God. Just reply “it’s all God’s blessings”.


Stay humble. Make a wish to poor people, say a wish something like “I wish that guy will get rich fast”, “I wish that kid on the street will have a bright future”, “ I wish that hard working employee will become his own boss someday”. Believe me, the reciprocal karma will respond faster. So, be careful what you wish for, be nice, be kind, loving and generous. So that someday, other people when you or your loved ones are in needs, they will also receive help miraculously.


Give fish to only people who are not capable of working. Those people who are sick and old. Train young ones to earn money, you can give them a business capital and suggest business ideas for them such as sari-sari store or small business enterprises. Beware of people who only wait for your help, teach them to work for themselves. Let them realize that you can’t help them anytime.

Now you know how to be a nice guy with your money. Do not forget, the nicest men in this planet earth are the truly rich. They are rich in assets, rich in kindness and generosity such as Warren Buffett – an American successful investor.

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