How to Ask the Universe for Things You Want? (3 Steps)

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Want to know how to ask the universe for things you want in life? Asking the universe for all the things you really want can be effective. The universe will grant you everything you want in life if you know how to apply the law of attraction that are mostly written in The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne. You don’t have to make this things complicated. You can demand anything you want in life. Just inquire! Challenge yourself by asking a favor to the universe for the things you want in life.

The idea is to form your thoughts into a real object. If you want a BMW car, ask for it and think about it as if you are already driving it today. That process is called “Asking, Believing, Receiving”. Read more to know how to ask the universe for things you want in life.


How to Ask the Universe for Things You Want?

You can only ask the universe for things you want if you know what you really want. Don’t make the universe to become confused. Maybe today, you want money because you want to buy the things that can make you happy. But when you heard negative people saying that “money is the root of all evil”, you will change your mind and the universe will get confused.

Ask the Universe for Money

If you want money, tell the universe how much money do you really want. Be specific in the amount you want to ask to the universe.

Ask the Universe for Good Relationship

If you want good relationship, ask the universe to give you the right person today. Don’t make mistakes in this kind of thinking. You should appreciate “anyone” who wants to be with you. If you don’t, you’re telling the universe that you don’t want a good relationship.

Ask the Universe for Your Dream House

If you want a house, ask the universe for it. Tell the universe the style of your house. Where is its location? How many rooms are there?

Ask the Universe for Your Dream Car

If you want a car, tell the universe that you want a car. Say this, “dear universe, I want a car right now, give me a red BMW sports car”.

How to Ask the Universe for Things You Want by Asking, Believing and Receiving?

1. Ask the Universe

Ask, you will get what you ask. In the law of attraction, you are attracting the things you don’t need unconsciously by saying negative words or letting negative thoughts in your mind. Try to always say ” I want to get out of debt”. The word “debt” is negative. Change it for, “I will have million dollars right in front of my door tomorrow”. “I will receive more checks from my business profits and unexpected people.”. See the difference?

how to ask the universe for things

Image Credit: Hartwig HKD on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr -Universe in a Magic Drop

2. Believe in the Universe

Believe. If you asked the universe for things you want in life, don’t be in doubt. Believe to the universe. The power of universe is limitless. You can get anything you want in life as long as you believe you can get them.

3. Receive What You Ask For

You will only receive what you ask for. If you ask sickness because you always think about it, you will get sickness. if you ask good health, the universe will give you good health. If you ask debt, the universe is obediently following what you ask for, it will give you more debt.

Ask prosperity, happiness, good health, great career and successful life. The universe will surely give you those wonderful things.

Your Wish is My Command

Take advantage of your genie! The universe is your genie. Genie will only say “Your Wish is My Command”. Be careful what you wish for, be careful what you are thinking of!

phenominal cosmic powers of genie

Image Credit: JD Hancock on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr – phenominal cosmic powers of genie

You don’t have to rubs the magic lamp. The universe always in your side. The universe is always listening to your thoughts and favors.

The law of attraction really works. Make believe that you already received what you asked for. According to Lisa Nichols, “Step three, and the last step in the process is to receive. Begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel the way you will feel once it arrives. feel it now”. (1)

Citations: (1) Rhonda Byrne, Author, The Secret, How to Use the Secret, page 52

Now you know how to ask the universe for the things you want. Actually the universe is always ready to hear your demands. Ask the universe, believe to it and feel the things you asked for are coming in your way.

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