How to Apply for Jobs on Linkedin in 10 Minutes or Less

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The guide on how to apply for a jobs on LinkedIn in 10 minutes or less. LinkedIn has a huge database of companies looking for skilled individuals. There are many companies in LinkedIn who are posted jobs. These companies use LinkedIn to save time to screen the candidates or job applicants.

In Linked, a company can easily identify if the applicant is qualified or not by just looking at candidate’s LinkedIn profile.


Finding Jobs on Linkedin is Easy

Finding jobs on LinkedIn is very easy. Of course, if you are interested to apply for jobs available posted in LinkedIn, you must have a LinkedIn profile. Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy but you should not create a profile the way you create account in other social media sites.

Complete your LinkedIn profile. The advantage of having a good LinkedIn profile is that you can easily attract companies that are looking for a qualified applicant. If you have a profile with LinkedIn, update your profile and add more information about your educational background, employment background and skills.

Another advantage if you have a complete profile is that you can beat easily the number of applicants because other applicants might not have a complete profile before the apply for the same job.

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How to Apply for Jobs on Linkedin in 10 Minutes or Less

You are ready to apply for a jobs on LinkedIn if you complete your profile. The company who posted jobs on LinkedIn will first look at your profile. If you are ready to apply for a specific posted jobs, then follow these steps;

1. Log on to your LinkedIn Profile. Use your email address and password to log in. 

2. At the LinkedIn homepage, click the “Jobs” or directly visit this link.

If you set up your LinkedIn profile jobs preference, every time you visit the “jobs” section of LinkedIn, there will be available jobs for you to choose immediately.

3. Show the available jobs for you.

If you don’t want the jobs available for you, you can simplified your jobs search on LInkedIn. Just typed the job title, keywords or company name and do not forget to enter area. Example: Accounting Jobs in JPMorgan Chase (keywords), Albany, New York (location).

4. Choose specific job offer and click “Apply on company website”.

You will be redirected to company website. But before you you click the “apply on company website”, you must first read the job description, employment time, and the job function.

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For more information, read the guide provided by LinkedIn itself on how to search and apply for a jobs on LinkedIn at

If you want other useful job searching tips, visit LinkedIn blog and read articles. If you have any questions about LinkedIn servces, kindly contact LinkedIn support.

Tip: Download the LinkedIn jobs app for convenient and easy job searching.

You can get a job offers in LinkedIn for as long as you are qualified. Don’t apply for a job if you are not qualified. As simple as that. Now you know how to apply for a jobs on LinkedIn, let other people (especially unemployed individual) to know this job searching opportunity online.

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