How to Advertise Your Business Online

Posted by Grace under Business on August 17, 2015

Learn how to advertise your business online for free or using paid advertisement methods with Google AdWords and Facebook. In an online world, you need to target your market properly before you spend money on business advertising. Whether you’re a small business or a big companies who’s willing to spend millions of dollars in online advertising, you need to compare, search and do your analysis.

If you are a newbie entrepreneur, you need to study how does online advertising works and what are the things you really need to set up your first advertising campaign.


Things Needed

  • Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account
  • Business Website and Landing Page

How to Advertise Your Business Online

You can use some of the best ways on how to advertise your business website, and here are the top and recommended ways;

  1. Advertise Your Business with Google AdWords – all you need is a GMail account, a Google AdWord account and credit card. In Google AdWord keyword planner tool, you can search the keyword, the monthly searches for a keyword.
  2. Advertise on Facebook – you need to have a Facebook page so that your ad campaign will get approve easily in Facebook.
  3. Other Social Media – you can also advertise online not only in Facebook, you can use Twitter and LinkedIn if you want to spend on paid ads.
  4. Advertise on YouTube – simply create a presentation video  and upload it on YouTube, set one video for paid ad campaign.
  5. Focused-Niche Website and Blogs – you can advertise directly to any websites, just look for “advertising” options of each website. Choose websites or blogs related to your target market.

Example: If your target audience are old people from New York looking for anti-aging, then, look for a websites that talks about anti-aging for women in New York.

Tips and Warnings

There is no free advertising online. You really need to spend money to get good results. It’s up to you if you will advertise your business on Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, website or blogs. Just make sure you know your target audience. Observe and analyze with ad campaigns that can convert more visitors into real buyers.

Did you use online advertising? How do you advertise your business online?  Or you still prefer to advertise on TV commercials, news papers, magazines and radios? Tell us your sales and marketing techniques. Leave a comment below! Thank you!

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