How Long Does it Take to Learn Investing in Stocks?

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 10, 2015

Maybe you asked, how long does it take to learn investing in stocks. I want to invest in the stock market but I have no time to study it. All I want is to start investing now without any hassle. I can’t figure out why should I spend many hours, days, weeks, months or even years just to know how to invest my money in the stock market.

Okay, I know studying how to invest will cost you too much time. But, when you become skillful and expert in stock market investing, you will soon realize that it’s worth studying and learning how to invest money. And you just say, thank God I found the stock market.


Few Minutes to Learn Investing in Stocks

In my opinion, learning how to invest in the stock market will only take few minutes. Just read investing guide, books, ask on forums or read tutorials on stock market investing.

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However, even though you read guide it doesn’t mean you will know immediately how to invest. The proper way to invest in the stock market in my opinion should be properly done accordingly;

  1. Before you invest money, increase your income.
  2. While you are investing money, build emergency funds.
  3. Make sure you bought your own medical and life insurance.
  4. Know your risk tolerance, ask yourself, is stocks a good investment? Can you take high risk?
  5. Know which investment company or stock brokerage you are comfortable with.
  6. Study how does stock market works.
  7. Learn how to choose the good stocks to buy.
  8. Know when is the right time to buy and sell stocks.
  9. Know when to stop investing in stocks.
  10. Know where to allocate your funds.

There are many reasons why many people are afraid to invest in the stock market. Although they know that investing in stocks is profitable, they keep on ignoring it. One of the reasons why they are afraid to invest in stocks is because of lack of financial education.

Learn Investing in Stocks in Many Ways

I advice you to invest in education first, by reading books attending investing seminars and consulting with the registered investment advisor. And of course, your knowledge in investing in stocks will increase if you apply what you have learn. As the old saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”. But you don’t have to experience “loss of capital” before you become a stock expert. Through education and careful investment planning, you can succeed financially through investing in stock market.

Therefore, if you can give yourself a great time to study how to invest in the stock market, the time you spend in learning stock investing is your first investment. And soon you will reap the rewards. Don’t be lazy to read and ask only the investment experts to avoid investing mistakes.

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