How Does Investing for Retirement Works?

Posted by Grace under Retirement Planning on November 25, 2016

Investing for retirement is highly recommended. There are many reasons why should you invest your money. Maybe you invest money because you are preparing money for your child education. Other people invest their money because they want to have enough money for their dream grand vacation. Some people wants to buy a car, other wants to buy a house and other people invest money because they are preparing for their retirement. They want to retire young, happy and rich.

The questions arises, when should you start investing for retirement? When you’re 20 years old, when you’re 30, 40, 50 or invest when your retirement comes later than 5 years. Maybe 55 or maybe 60? If you are following, I already mentioned that investing for retirement should start the day you received your first pay check.


Is Investing for Retirement Really Works?

The answer is YES! It’s nice to invest money to prepare for your retirement years. Unless you don’t want to retire happy, rich and comfortable. Many people retire young because they know the effect of compound interest in investing money, which states that the earlier you invest, the earlier you retire. Actually, compound interest favors the young investors.

Think about this, do you like to retire rich? You do, right? But the question is, how much money do you really need during retirement? Don’t know?

Okay, assuming your lifestyle on your retirement days cost you $1,000 per month. Do you have earning asset that can help you make $1,000 for your lifestyle? You want to enjoy life, stop working, just relaxing. When you retire, all you need is an earning asset, earning assets that can earn money passively. If you have passive income during your retirement, you can enjoy your retirement years. Don’t just rely to your pensions. Invest and save money for your retirement.

If your pension is only $120,000 but your yearly lifestyle cost is $12,000, your money is only good for 10 years. The $1,000 monthly expenses maybe not enough, take into consideration your health, medical expenses, other expenses, entertainment, travels, leisure, etc.

Start Investing for Retirement

You can start investing for retirement by first creating an investment plan and then decide where to put your money. Is it good for you to invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate or business?

How Does Investing for Retirement Works

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If you don’t know the answer, you must read the asset allocation by age and risk tolerance. Asset allocation simply means how should you distribute your investments. It also works for investing for retirement, like for example, when you reached 60, you must invest more on low risk types of investments, because you’re old and can’t afford to take high risks investments.


Investing for retirement is rewarding. How does it works? You invest money instead of buying the things you don’t need. You will reap (financial rewards) on what you sow (investing money) when your retirement comes.

Leave a comment below and share your experience and strategies about investing for retirement. When did you start investing money? How much money do you invest? Is it per month or you invest in a large amount (lump sum)? Do you invest money for retirement or for a house, a new car or for your child education? Share this page with your friends!

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