How Can a Young Man Retire with 1,000,000 Dollars or More?

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 10, 2015

Do you want to retire with 1,000,000 dollars or more? I am still young. I want to enjoy my life. Parties, fun, fashion, I should get everything what I want. I should do whatever I want. I need freedom. That’s the mindset of young ones. A question might asked; “how can these types of young men can retire millionaire”? You probably hear the old saying “what you do today will be your future”.  This simply means if you want a great future, you should do great things today. And one of those great things is investing your money while you are still young.

Have a plan for your financial future. Not everyone knows about this. If you are still young and you want a better life, keep on reading this. Assuming you are a 20 year-old man. You are still young, you don’t have a lot of obligations. You don’t have a lot of debt. You don’t need to make your life complicated in order to succeed financially.


Retire with 1,000,000 Dollars

Here’s what you should do. Set aside $250 per month and invest it in a high return such as stocks or equity type of mutual fund. We’ll discuss this further lately.

Monthly Investment: $250The question is if you don’t have $250 a month, how can you make $250 per month? Simple, try to become an entrepreneur, create your own products and sell it. Or try to become a freelancer online. There are many ways to make $250 per month. Go find the best ways that is really working and effective.

How Can You Retire with 1,000,000 Dollars or More?

Going back to the topic, if you want to retire with $1,000,000. You should start investing money in the stock market. Invest $250 in stocks. Buy stock shares every month. What company? Those companies you love, a company you know and familiar with. Example, if you love iPhone, then buy Apple stock shares. If you are an employee of Wal-Mart stores, then buy Wal-Mart Stores, Inc stock shares. If you love to eat at MCDonalds, then be a stockholder of McDonalds.

Do it every month regularly within 35 years. Yup, 35 years. If you are 20 now, that means you can retire when you hit 55. Early retirement, isn’t it. Maybe you’re confusing and asking; “how can I retire with one million dollars?”. You have to observe how do people make millions in the stock market. They keep on  buying shares and sell their stocks when they retire.

Make Millions with the Effects of Compound Interest

Through the effects of compound interest, your $250 investment per month will grow into astonishing $1,000,000 or more. Let’s do the math.

Years Invested: 35 Years
Earned Interest Rate: 12%
Future Value: $1,294,990.49

Wow, you can retire with one million dollars at the age of 55. But, you should discipline yourself in investing for your future. Don’t listen to your other friends. They might say “come on let’s go to the party tonight”. Or “let’s go to the shopping mall and buy new phone”. Remember, if you want to retire rich, you must invest while you are still young. Ask yourself, which do you want. To enjoy today and suffer later or make a little sacrifice today and have a permanent success.

I hope this article will make a lot of sense to all of young men out there. Thank you for spending your precious time reading this article. Share this article to your friends and spread financial literacy.

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