How Can I Make Money?

Posted by Grace under Money on March 14, 2016

Rodel from San Jose California asked, “how can I make money if I have no money to start, I need more money badly. Please help”. If you are Rodel, what would you do? Will you keep on asking yourself “how can I make money” all over again and wondering why you are not making any at the end of the day.

Making money can be done online or through traditional business. There are many skillful people who can make money by just using their skills and talents. Everyone has skills, talents, hobbies and interest. In short, every person has passion. Now, think about how can you turn your passion into profit.


The keyword is “passion”. What do you everyday that makes you happy? Do you know that you can turn your skills into money making asset. You don’t need to be like Michael Jordan, Manny Pacquiao or Christiano Ronaldo to earn money. These are athletes. They make money out playing sports.

How Can I Make Money If…?

Remove the word “if” in the question. You should be straight forward to the question. How can I make money? Ask it to yourself. This means you are willing to do whatever it takes to make money. But if your question, how can I make money if I have no money to start is another question.

First question stated that you are willing to think and do a certain way to make money. The second question is very conditional. Why? It is because you first think the odds (the obstacles). Now you know the difference. Asking the right question can help you learn more.

How Can I Make Money

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When I want something new, I ask myself how can make money to buy that new stuff. Also, I think about the options to earn money fast. But you know what, you don’t need so many options just to make huge cash. You just need one specific decision and take action immediately. Besides no one will give you money if you are just lying there in your bed and “thinking”.

How Can I Make Money Now?

Now you know the importance of asking the right question. Make sure you ask questions that don’t include “doubt”. Believe me, when you ask the right question, you can get the right answer. So, to answer the question related to “how can I make money”, here is the list of the ways to make money;

  • Make money selling your products and services. You can sell food, or anything that you think many people will become interested. Hint, the best selling items are those things that are belong to “necessities” like food, clothing, shelter, etc.
  • Make money by doing a specific task such as article writing, plumbing, roof installing, TV repair, masonry, nail cleaning, etc.

If you want to make money, it’s either you will sell your own products or services or other people’s products and services. The fastest way to make money is selling. However, selling can become easy or difficult. It all depends on how you make a “sales talk” and convince the customer and depending the quality and price of your product or services.

Quick ways to Make Money

As I have mentioned awhile ago, if you want to make money, sell something. However, there is the quickest way to make money nowadays. If you know how to use leveraging, you can make money easily. You can make money flows in to your life. You can make money without any effort.

The quickest way to make money is to use other people’s time. How? Let other people’s work for you. This strategy hits two birds in one stone. You are earning money and you are helping other people. Helping other people by making them your employee. They can job, they do something for you and you both make money.

It’s up to you how fast or how slow you are in generating money. It depends on your skills. It depends on how do you really want (how bad) you need to make money.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid joining get rich quick scheme. Even if you are trying to make money fast, consider analyzing the risks involve when you take a job or invest money in a specific business.
  • Knowing your skills, passion and interest can help you make money easily. Turn those things into profit.
  • Always think that “money” is unlimited. All you need to do is to find them, work for them and don’t just sit there and waiting for nothing.
  • Even if you want to make money so badly, always protect your reputation by not associating to other people who’s making money out of doing illegal business or jobs.

Now you know the right answer to “how can I make money”. Ask this question to yourself can help you get the proper answer because only you who know who you really are. Stay tuned to InvestmentTotalcom for more useful money talks and discussions.

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