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Posted by Grace under Real Estate on February 19, 2016

Learn how to find homes for sale by owner or any real estate properties for sale by owner whether you’re using it for long term investment or your own residential house.  There are several real estate for sale listed online in different classified sites like OLX, ADPost, Craiglist, etc. Browse the real estate listings to find new homes for sale or foreclosed homes for sale.

If you are ready to buy houses, condos or townhomes or even land property, consider the following;


  • Is the property accessible to school, public market, public transportation, hospitals or church?
  • What is your plan in buying homes for sale? For investment or for your own residential?
  • Will you just borrow money from  the bank for down payment or will you use cash from your own pocket?
  • Considering the design, layouts and the size of a home. Of course big houses will give you big expenses.

Ways to Find Homes for Sale by Owner, Realtors and Banks

Where to find real estate listings whenever you want to look new homes for sale, land, foreclosed, condos or townhomes. Houses for sale can be found on;

  • Online Classified Ads
  • Newspaper Classifieds
  • Magazines
  • Bank Foreclosed Properties
  • In Your Local Area

Online Classified Ads

There are different online classified ads exclusively for real estate listings. You can search them on Google. Look for online classified in your own country and register in the website. The good news is that you are allow to browse the real estate listings but also post your own listing if you have properties for sale.

As a tip, go to and search something like “real estate listings in Canada” or “United States online classified for real estate properties”.

Newspaper Classified Ad

Newspaper are there not to bring news. Newspapers publishing company are making money in their classified ads. Anyone who wants to advertise in their newspaper should pay for the listings. Buy the major or the leading newspaper in your own country and take some time to look on the their real estate property listings to find new homes for sale by owner or by the developer.

Homes for Sale by Owner

Image Credit: zoetnet on CC 2.0 via Flickr

Find Homes for Sale by Owner at Real Estate Investment Magazines

Other home owners are selling their properties very fast through advertising their property on the real estate investment magazines.

Bank Foreclosed Properties

Take a look at the official website of the bank and you will find foreclosed properties like cars and real estate property. This is not recommended if you are looking for homes for sale by owner. Any properties listed in the bank foreclosed properties are owned by the bank. But the advantage of this is that, the properties for sale in the bank are often at a low price. You can find land for sale, condos, foreclosed homes for sale.

Search Your Local Area

Some homeowners are looking for direct buyers. They will just use billboards in the front of their house that indicates that the property is for sale. I know you are familiar with this technique.

You can find new homes for sale or homes for sale by owner if you will just search your local area. Who knows you can find homes for sale at a very discounted price. Some homeowners are selling their houses because of migrating to other places, others homeowners are selling their houses because they need fast cash and want to build a new one.

That’s the best ways to find homes for sale by owners because you will talk to directly to the owner not to the agent or a real estate broker.

I hope you find this post useful. If you know any other ways on how to find homes for sale by owner, leave them in the comment box below.

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