Top 4 Home Renovations that Are Guaranteed To Give a Good Return on Your Investment

Posted by Guest Author under Real Estate on August 26, 2015

Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your home’s value or you’re planning to give your property its much-needed makeover, there are a few considerations you have to make. Careless renovations aren’t only costly, but they can also put your home’s marketing traction in jeopardy. If you are planning on reselling your home anytime soon, you want to make sure you put your money where you can easily get it back.

To make sure your investments pay off, here are a few renovation ideas to ensure a good return of investment.


1. Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the first few rooms you should consider remodeling as it’s expected to give back a minimum of 66% of your investment. In renovating your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to spend all your hard-earned money on it. In fact, just by changing your countertops and adding a few quality cabinets can greatly improve its aesthetics.

To boost your home’s value, you can also consider replacing your tiles and paint, particularly if your kitchen’s design is outdated. Getting new faucets and some appliances can greatly boost your home’s selling price, too. They don’t have to be expensive, but it’s a great idea to invest in appliances and items that can boost your kitchen’s functionality.

2. Bathroom Renovations & Makeovers

Aside from your kitchen, you should also pay close attention to your bathroom. When done right, your bathroom can generate as much as 62% return of investment.

One good idea is to look at electric and thermostatic showers to make your bathroom more economic. These water fixtures can lower your electricity and water cost while addressing common bathroom issues, such as low water pressure. Although economic, the best budget electric shower shouldn’t compromise your bathroom’s design. You actually have lots of choices as modern electric showers come in a wide range of color, sizes and materials.

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Image Credit: Holland And Green Architectural Design via Flickr CC 2.0 ~ House Extension – Bathroom On Second Floor

3. Home Exterior Renovation

Your home’s exterior can say a lot about what’s inside. A broken front door, chipping paints and overgrown bushes can greatly lower your home’s marketability. If a buyer isn’t impressed by how a house looks on the outside, he’s not likely to show any interest on what’s inside it.

To create a great first impression, make sure your home’s exterior is in mint condition. Try getting a new paint and add a few more windows to create a cozier feel. It can also help if you can invest in adding a new patio or deck with comfortable seats. This can be a costly investment, depending on your lot space, but outdoor living spaces are in demand lately. It should be able to attract a lot of buyers, particularly those who have big families. Mowing the lawn and cutting a few overgrown plants should be a priority as well if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal.

4. Windows and Doors Home Renovations

Renovations that can make a home more energy efficient are the ones that yield the highest paybacks. Installing more windows and doors are good examples. On top of cutting your electricity bill, having more windows can also enhance the beauty of your home. Since there’ll be more natural light that can enter your property, you have a lot of opportunities to play around and accentuate your home’s floor plan.

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