What is the Highest Interest Savings Account

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on June 12, 2015

What is the best and highest form of savings account that can earn high interest rate per year? I want to save some portions of my salary in my chosen bank account here in Massachusetts, USA (United States of America). I am new to personal finance, that’s why I want to know what is the highest interest savings account.I will look forward to hear from your answer in the near future. BTW: I ask also other personal finance blogger about this matter. God bless you and your prestigious blog.

Kevin, 27 year old.


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What is the Highest Interest Savings Account

InvestmentTotal.com Response: We replied via email to Kevin with the same advice in this article. So, how can we really save and earn higher interest? Is it possible to save money in your bank account that can earn high interest per year?

There are banks that can offer high interest, but those banks are very rare. Try to search the biggest bank in your country, say for example in USA, try to ask the leading banks in USA or just search their current savings account interest rate.

If you are looking for a way to earn high interest with your money, do not save your money, instead invest it. In savings account, you can only earn 1% or lower than that. 1% in fact, can’t even beat inflation. Instead of saving, why not invest in the stock market.

High Interest Earned, High Risks

In the stock market, your money can earn 12% or higher than that. But, when you invest, make sure define first your goal why you are investing anyway. What is the reason why you are investing. If you are afraid to invest in the stock market, you can invest in mutual funds, bonds, or treasuries.

The important is you will not just beat inflation, but, you have to earn higher interest than inflation. If I were you, stop finding for savings account that can earn high interest, instead start learning how to start investing in the stock market, business, real estate, forex, etc.

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