Health or Wealth Discussions: Priority and Importance

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Which is more important, health or wealth? You can only find the best answer to this question if you know their functions. Sometimes, love won’t work in a situation if you have no money. Sometimes, even if you are wealthy but not healthy, you will only feel miserable. The meaning of health and wealth will also discuss in this page as our references and to make a great answer to our question.

Here at, it is my pleasure to inform my readers about investment opportunities and other important discussions and arguments such as health or money, love or money, relationship or money, education or money and other related topics. Rich getting richer and poor get poorer because they have different money beliefs and money mindset.


Meaning of Health and Wealth

According to The New Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language – Deluxe Edition, “health means the state of fitness of the body or of the mind” while the meaning of wealth is “abundant worldly possessions, and abundance of possessions or an abundance of anything, a wealth of illustrations, the natural resources of a country, whether or not exploited, the products of an economic activity of a nation, anything that can be exchanged for money or barter”.

As you have noticed, the meaning of health means “fitness”, can you make yourself or body fit without using money? I think it is impossible to have a healthy body and healthy mind if you can’t eat enough food and intake enough vitamins, what will you use when buying foods or vitamins, of course – money!

Now, let me ask you another question. Can you make a certain task or jobs if you are not healthy? It means, you will never become rich if you are not healthy, you should be physically and mentally fit if you want to make your job well done and make money.

Synonyms and Antonyms of Health and Wealth

Some synonyms of health are the words nutritious, vigorous, well-beneficial and strong while the antonyms are the words injurious and delicate. Some synonyms of wealth are the words abundance, assets, treasure, stock, securities, riches, resources, affluence, capital, plenty and prosperity while the antonyms are the words indigence, need and poverty.

Reference: New Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language – Deluxe Edition, Lexicon Publications, Inc. Danbury CT. 1992 page 446, 1114, SA-66, SA-25

Why do we need to study the synonyms and antonyms of the word health and wealth? It is because we can easily understand not only their meanings but also the effects if we can’t achieve health and wealth.

Example: if you are not dreaming to become wealthy, you will live a life in poverty. If you are not taking actions to become healthy, you will always encounter injuries.

Going back to the question, which is more important, health or wealth? As the old saying goes “health is wealth”. That statement is absolutely true. However, when we are talking about finances, health and money are both important.

Let us justify the equal importance of health and wealth. Can you build your assets if you are not healthy? I think it is hard for you to make a lot of money if you are not healthy. And, it is ironic that even if you are wealthy (lot of money, shares of stocks, real estate properties) but you are not healthy, how can you enjoy your wealth? It is impossible to enjoy your life if you are spending your days in the hospital or in your wheelchair. Your wealth doesn’t make sense if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it.

Priority: Health or Wealth?

Now, you know that health and wealth are both important. What is your priority, to become healthy or to become wealthy? The best answer is to become healthy must be your priority. Actually, you can accumulate your wealth faster if you are healthy. That’s why rich people are spending a lot of money just to be healthy. They also buy insurance (life insurance and health insurance) for they know their greatest asset is their health. I will repeatedly say the above statement, it is impossible to accumulate your wealth if you are not healthy. It is impossible to make a lot of money to invest for your future if you are not healthy. Make “HEALTH” your priority!

Did you find this article useful? What about you? Do you prefer health over wealth? Or you choose to get rich first and become healthy later? Share it to your friends!

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