Graduated K-12 Senior High School, Now What?

Posted by Grace under Careers on February 17, 2017

After long years of waiting to finish K-12 education curriculum, you already graduated senior high school. But the question is “are you capable to earn a living already” or you just wasted another two more years in high school. After you completed the senior high school curriculum, you are now asking yourself which college course do you really prefer?

Some students granted high school scholarships from municipal mayor or from the government. The problem is maybe these scholars will not become very serious in taking their part because they know they have no investment. They don’t even pay for the tuition fees, and they might even think, it’s okay to not be serious in their studies in high school.


If you are already graduated senior high school, you must have these following characteristics;

  • you should now become more matured,
  • you are coped with skills whereas those skills will help you earn a living and
  • you should be more ready in taking college course, ready to apply for a job and ready to become an entrepreneur.

K-12 Education Curriculum in the Philippines

In the Philippines, k-12 education curriculum was implemented. Many Filipinos are asking what is k-12 all about. The government implemented the said education curriculum even they are not really prepared. The school facilities, textbooks, the mindset of the teachers, parents and teachers are not also ready.

Now, it is 2017, next year, we will find out what really happened to many students who completed the senior high school. Are they equipped with knowledge and skills, are they globally competitive and let’s just observe how they can respond to many challenges and changes while they are taking college course or when they are applying for a job, or when they are facing life’s realities.

Graduated Senior High School! Now What?

Believe me, education is really the key to success. But SUCCESS is always depends on how an individual choose “education’. Self study, spoon feeding, formal education, expensive education, education in private school, education in public school, online education, “iskul bukul education” etc. Most of the time, people who choosed self-education are the successful ones.

According to Jim Rohn, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. Ask yourself after you graduated senior high school, just ask yourself… NOW WHAT? There are many uneducated people who make educated people as their employees! What about that? Think about your career path! Your future is in your hands! Don’t blame anyone if you fail to choose the right education for your future! Share this page with your friends, classmates and teachers.

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