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Posted by Grace under Investing on August 17, 2015

Some good stocks to invest in are reviewed in other financial websites like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Barchart, Kiplinger and For beginners, you will know easily what stocks to invest in right now. Here we will share the top ten things to consider in choosing what stocks to buy.

Few months ago, our guide on how to invest in stocks viewed by many stock market investors and traders and in there, they send me an email asking me the most recommended stocks and the good broker in USA. Some say it’s eTrade and OptionHouse.


Penny stocks are not good stocks to buy. When investing in stock market, be sure you know the difference between blue chips and penny stocks.

As a guide, please read blue chip stocks today. If you want to make more profits, choose stocks that

Good Stocks to Invest In 2015 1

American Express (AXP)
Macy’s (M)
Apple (AAPL)
Precision Castparts (PCP)
Charles Schwab (SCHW)Conrad Industries (CNRD) (CRM)
Google (GOOGL)
Cabela’s (CAB)
Rosetta Stone (RST)
Novo Nordisk (NVO)

Lockheed Martin (LMT)
Fujifilm Holdings (FUJIY)
Restoration Hardware (RH)

Bank of America (BAC)

Horsehead Holding (ZINC
Boeing (BA)
Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC)
Citigroup (C)
MeadWestvaco (MWV)
SunEdison (SUNE)

Stanley Black & Decker (SWK)
Twitter (TWTR)
Abbott Laboratories (ABT)
Gilead Sciences (GILD)

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend stocks to buy in. Do your own research and investigation.

Source: 1 25 Best Stocks for 2015 by Kiplinger , December 2014

Stock Market Investing Tips

Now, it;s your turn, do you think these stocks are the good stocks to invest in today? When choosing stocks, you should follow the advice of experts and successful stock market investors whereas they always said;

“Buy only what you know and familiar with”. Also, diversification is very important. Speaking about diversification, in investing, diversification is very important. We consider it as a proper asset allocation. But, when investing in stocks alone, your should diversify portfolio by buying stocks in different industries. If you have stocks in banking industry, you should have stocks in tech and food industry. That way, when the food industry isn’t doing good, some of your stocks in tech and banking will cover your losses.

What do you think? Let me know your suggestions and recommendations. Share to other readers the good stocks to invest in today. Do not forget to share this page with your friends. Thank you!


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