Good Career Options for a College Dropout

Posted by Grace under Careers on April 26, 2015

Do you want to know a good career options for a college dropout? Actually the guide below tends to let you think that the best one should not just be an “option” but a great choice to have a better life.

Some of my students are debating which is a good career, which college course to take, which path should walk into. I ask my students about their ambitions. Some students say they want to become an engineer, some say they want to become an architect. Other students want to become a lawyer, some say they want to become a seaman, some a soldier, a teacher, a nurse, and other said to become an accountant and one person want to become a boss!I admire that student.


He stands and tell everyone, “I will become a boss.” He wants to become a business owner. Some of his classmates laugh, but I ask his classmates, what’s the funny thing about becoming a boss? They look at me and tell this…This entrepreneur (pointing to a student) will provide a job someday, and many people are looking for job. Even college graduates are looking for job. Some took 5 years to study engineer, to become an architect, some spend 5 years to become a nurse, some may spend 10 years to become a lawyer.

Entrepreneurship: Good Career Options for a College Dropout

Most country’s unemployment rate is increasing. Millions of people are looking for job? If there were 100,000,000 unemployed people today, do you want to belong yourself on those 100,000,000 people? I guess, everyone of you don’t like it.

Now, let us answer the question, which is a good career? To be an accountant, an engineer, a lawyer or a business owner (entrepreneurship)?

It is always depends on your skills, interest and goal. Find a career that are enjoyable not just good for 5 years but for lifetime. Would you enjoy making $5,000 every month for the rest of your life but your work place is very far from your family (parents, spouse and kids) and friends?

Do you think making $1,500 a month is enough to have a great lifestyle? Do you prefer to work in office or in the field? Do you prefer to have someone else to control your time or you want to control your own time?

Entrepreneurship is Rewarding

Becoming an entrepreneur is very rewarding comparing to a self employed or an employee. When it comes to money and freedom, the business owner always wins. The business owners or the bosses can go anywhere they want, can sleep anytime they want. If you are an employee (example an accountant in big corporation). Do you think you can go home early? Well, you know the life of an employee.

They work 9-5, when they stop working, they will not earn money. An engineer may become a self-employed or a business owner if he will start his own construction firm selling industrial/construction materials. A lawyer too, can become a boss if he will build his own law firm. Wherein, he will hire another lawyers as his employee when giving service to other people.

It is up to you if you will start owning a business now or take a college course first, be an employee, have a working experience, have an experience on what is life beneath working for someone else. Take a lesson from Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and the Microsoft CEOBill Gates. Are they college drop out, yes! Are they rich? No! Mark Zuckerberg is a young billionaire while Bill Gates is the richest man in the world.

Learn from Bill Gates – Richest Man

I remember a quote from Bill Gates ( a quote I always read on social media sites). It stated (not exact phrase) “My classmates always passed the exam, today, they are a software engineer in Microsoft, and I am the owner of Microsoft”.

What do you think about becoming an employee and becoming a boss? Do you agree becoming an entrepreneur is a great and rewarding career? Will you take a college course like accounting, engineering, architecture or a law, and soon you’ll start your own business? I will appreciate your thoughts and opinions about this career guide! Also, what do you think is a good career options for a college drop out. Thanks a lot.

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