Ghost Month Effect on Stock Market

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 9, 2015

The ghost month effect on stock market investing. Will the stock market get affected during the ghost month? Ghost month will start on August 14 and ends in the middle of September. I once remember last year, almost all my stocks are decreasing their prices. I have learned from it. Chinese people believe in ghost month, I am not superstitious. I have read from stock market news that there are sudden changes of stock prices during this month of August to September.

Some of my friends who are also investing in stocks told me not to do anything. They warned me not to sell or even buy stocks, but for me, in this month, it is the best time to buy more stocks because the stock prices are low.


Buy Stocks and Sell After Ghost Month

When you are doing peso cost averaging, ghost month can be beneficial. But if you invest lump sum in the stock market and your equity falls down to negative 15%, you will get shock. But you shouldn’t.

After the ghost month, all the stock prices will soon increase. That’s why if you buy stocks on August 14, you can make an extra profit. Be sure to pick the right stocks.

Then, watch your stocks from September 12. When the stock prices are increasing, sell it. My friends are afraid to buy stocks during ghost month. What about you? What is your strategy when ghost month begins? Leave a comment below. Thank you!

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