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Posted by Grace under Business on August 10, 2013

Because business matters! If you want to become rich, then start your own business, you have to be a business minded person. A profit minded individual, a sales driven people are those who makes the most money, but who are getting richer and richer, those who are the owner of the businesses not the sales driven people. Even though you are good in sales but you don’t own the business, you only rely to your boss that will give a salary as an income – and most of the time – a minimum wage after 8 long hours of working and selling, got my point? In my experience, I am a sales driven person, I can sell cars, gadgets, appliances and even house and lot and condominiums, but I think it is not a good idea to work with someone else, that’s why I decided to start my own business, because I observed businessmen makes the most money, they can make money easily, they became richer and richer, an employee will become poorer and poorer.

Business Matters: Start Your Own Business ASAP!

Now, let us talk how did it happened? I am an internet marketer, I consider myself a “netrepreneur” for I use the internet to make money, to sell my products and services, but when I started I did not quit my day job so that when things comes worst, my day job can save me, now, you have to decide if you want to become rich, stop working for someone else and start your own business.


Find out how to start your own business and how to say Goodbye to your boss and co-workers. It is happy to see you making a lot of money out of your businesses, do it now, don’t be afraid, for many of businessmen get rich and employees didn’t.

Business Matters: Small Effort and Big Effort = Salary

A fixed income, a minimum wage might help you and your family, but that shouldn’t stop you to make a big goal, don’t be a fraid, you have to right to be rich, all of us has the right to become happy and wealthy, be confident and I am sure on what I am saying, start your own business, and make a lot of money, while being employee, a big and small effort is just the same, small amount of money, in business, you can make money as much as you want – that’s just a part of the top secret of becoming rich.

Business Matters: Profit Minded and Mathematician

If you want to get rich, from now on, you must become a profit minded person, you must love numbers, you must love money, you have to give yourself a time to invest on financial knowledge, you have to see any places and anything and consider these as an instruments to make profits and more money on your part. What I mean to say is, you should become an entrepreneur, you know to sell products, you know how to do a specific task, then sell your service and make a lot of money.

Because Business Matters, Final Reminders

Rich people don’t want single source of income, they want lots of source of income, that’s why they are building lots of business before they will buy the things that are not really important, they love assets not liabilities, do you want to acquire that character of the rich people? I suggest, please have time to read my post on how assets became liabilities here.

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