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Most frequently asked questions about life, and FAQs about investing! Collections of frequently asked questions about personal finances, investments and insurances can be found here at, readers and followers of this blog are asking different questions, that’s why we compiled it and we will ask the readers whenever they have questions that has already been answered. This page favored those who are not familiar with finances and want some specific guides on how to start. We will answer the questions in short paragraph with short sentences, and if you have questions that can’t be found in this page, kindly write it on the comment box below.

Here is the special blog page for every questions that arises in every comments in each article posted in this blog, some of my visitors are asking so many things about career and employment and saving and investing as well. This page is for the compilations of questions and answers, this is not the archives page. The question and answer page mus be categorized into four, and these are;


  • Top Questions on Finances – these are collections of article about finances such as saving, spending, budgeting, earning money and investing money.

How to Invest in Philippine Mutual Funds?
Answer: Choose one of the top performing mutual funds companies in the Philippines, (example: Phil Equity Fund Inc., First metro Asset Management Inc., etc), visit their website, find out how to make an initial investments. Before you proceed in investing, find out your risk appetite, are you aggressive, moderate risk taking, or want a low risk investment. Then know your goal, how much will you invest, when to redeem your investments (time horizon) and what is your plan to your investment funds (example; earning asset for retirement, grand vacation in Paris, college funds of your kids, passive income).

Frequently Asked Questions About Life

How to Become Financially Free?
To become financially free, one must be knowledgeable about finances, he should acquire financial literacy.

How to Become Happy and Rich?
There are many ways to become rich, but you should first act like a millionaire, act as a rich person, think rich and start your own business as soon as possible.

How to Make $1,000,000?
Plan it and make a goal, by starting your own business and make a lot of profits and then by saving and investing you can have $1,000,000 easily.

How to Attract Money in My Life?
Of course, you must love money, be passionate about money.

How to Make My Money Grow?
Investing has a big role to make your money grow overtime.

How to Make a Financial Budget Plan?
It is easy to make a financial budget plan, but prioritize your needs not your wants, and also follow the rules “pay yourself first”

  • Top Questions on Employment – these are collections of articles about jobs and employment, or the career guides and updates about job fair in your area.

How to Get a Job Easily?
Read the effective and the easiest way  on how to find a job easily.

What are the High Paying Jobs?
There are so many high paying jobs, but I suggest, find a job that has giving you rewards such as commissions, incentives aside from your salary, example of this kind of job is a sales job.

How to Get Promoted on Job?
Try to work smart and be different, you must think how to help your company in making a lot of sales, the more sales, the more money that your company can generate.

  • Top Questions on Business and Entrepreneurs- questions on businesses, selling products and services online and offline

How to Start Your Own Business?
Learn how to sell your service or products and build your own business and make a lot of money than a regular minimum wage.

How to Succeed as an Entrepreneurs?
Read the secrets of successful entrepreneurs and follow their rules and philosophy in business.

How to Make a Lot of Money in Business?
Study how you can simply make a lot of money in business, how to become a profit minded person and how to become rich in business.
What are the Legal Requirements in Starting a Business?
What are the legal ways and documents of starting your own business and some tips on how to complete your business requirements fast. 

  • Top Questions on Success- collections of articles about success and some tips on how to become successful, different point of views of success.

How to Succeed in Life Easily?
Hardwork, perseverance and careful planning can help you succeed in life. There are secrets on how to succeed in life easily, however you must know the measurement of success first.

What is the Real Meaning of Success?
Success means a lot. If you’re a man of success, you should be rich! And all the best things in life are in your hands! Learn the meaning of success and how to change your thoughts and points of view in life to succeed.

What are the Characteristics of Successful People?
In order for us to succeed, we should acquire the habits and characteristics of successful people, what are these habits? Read More…

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