Ford Stock Price: F Historical Stock Price 2014

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Here’s the Ford Stock Price History for the year 2014. Will you buy Ford Stock on 2015? Let us find out how much this company stock perform  this 2014. Ford Motor Co. is the manufacturer of the well-known branded cars like Fusion, Escape, Focus, F-150, Ford Everest (My Favorite Car) and the one of a kind “Mustang”.

Trivia: Ford will release its Shelby GT350 on year 2015. Shelby GT350 has a  5.2L flat-plane crank and over 500 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque plus 3.73 limited-slip differential and it has MagneRide suspension. (Shelby GT350 and MagneRide are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Co.) has no bad intention in mentioning this trademarks.


Ford Motor Company Profile

Address: One American Road, Dearborn, MI 48126 United States
Phone Number: 313-322-3000

As of 2014, Ford Motor Co. has 181,000 employees, from auto manufacturers, sales executives and agents. The Executive Chairman, Chairman of Finance. Committee and Member of Sustainability Committee is Mr. William Clay Ford Jr.and  Mr. Mark Fields is working as the Chief Executive Officer, Presient and Director. The Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the company is Mr. Robert L. Shanks.

Mr. Joseph R. Hinrichs is working at Ford Motor Co. as the Executive VP and President of the Americas and Mr. Edsel B. Ford II is the Consultant, Director, Member of Finance Committee and Member of Sustainability Committee.

Ford Stock Price History 2014

Ford Motor Co. is listed in New York Stock Exchange with its stock ticker (F). As of January 2, 2014, the stock price of Ford is at $15.42 as the opening price and on December 1, 2014 the stock price is $15.78 (opening price) increase 2.33 % this year.

January 2, 2014 15.42 16.78 14.90 14.96
February 3, 2014 15.00 15.49 14.40 15.39
March 3, 2014 15.20 15.83 15.03 15.60
April 1, 2014 15.67 16.49 15.53 16.15
May 1, 2014 16.15 16.56 15.43 16.44
June 2, 2014 16.51 17.35 16.38 17.24
July 1, 2014 17.34 18.12 17.01 17.02
August 1, 2014 17.05 17.52 16.72 17.41
September 2, 2014 17.48 17.87 14.49 14.79
October 1, 2014 14.77 14.83 13.26 14.09
November 3, 2014 14.10 15.84 13.86 15.73
December 1, 2014 15.78 16.13 13.93 15.03

Source: Yahoo Finance, Ford Motor Company

Ford Stock Price Updates

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