Forbes Quote of the Day: Use the Most Powerful Word Wisely

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on February 26, 2017

Here’s the Forbes quote of the day. Learn to say NO. Forbes reminds us about the proper using of the most powerful word; the word NO. In decision making (even if its personal, investing or decision to start a business) we have to use the word NO in a good way.

Forbes Quote of the Day: Learn to Say NO, the Most Powerful Word


‘No’ is the most powerful word that you have in your vocabulary. ~ Octavia Spencer

Why Octavia Spencer said that the word NO is the most powerful? Is it because we should know first the risks or the things that may happen before we decide or it is because we want to save ourselves from failures and disappointments.

Say YES or NO: Question and Answer

I will give yo some questions to answer and let me know if you will answer YES or NO.

Stock Market Investing is Risky

A. Stock market investing is risky, that’s why I don’t invest in it. YES or NO? The answer is YES it is risky but we should not be afraid to the risk accompanied in the market. NO, noone can stop you from investing because you know it’s the key to financial freedom.

Owe $100

B. If your friend ask you for a $100 (one hundred dollar) and promise to pay at the end of the month. YES or NO? The answer is NO. NO if your friend will only use $100 for leisure purposes. YES if your friend will use the one hundred dollar for emergency purposes, or for some business or investing purposes. YES, if you think your friend can repay you on time.

Yes or NO to Shopping Malls

C. Your co-workers invite you to spend time in shopping in the mall but your money in your pocket was good for your weekly budget. Will you go with them shopping?

The answer is absolutely NO. Otherwise you want to struggle financially for a week and worrying about your meal for the week.

There are many important questions that requires a NO for an answer.

If you will just use for financial intelligence, you will surely believe that sometimes answering a NO for your friends and loved ones are better.

However, the danger of always answering NO is that you will miss some opportunities in your life. Learn to say YES for every great opportunities that comes along the way. Say YES to success and learn to say NO if you think you will put yourself into financial struggles.

This is the Forbes quote of the day I want to share to Stay tuned for more great quotations we explained.

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