Focus Niche or Multi Niche Blog: Which Makes More Money?

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 1, 2015

Do you prefer focus niche or multi niche blog? If you have any idea which type of blog that can makes a lot of money, share it today. I am confused if I will add more topics in this personal finance blog or just focus on a money related content. I am trying hard to generate more traffic via search engines because there are huge of authority websites that has stocks and mutual funds topics.

I wrote some money saving tips and they didn’t even get traffic from search engines. I try budgeting tips, also my articles aren’t doing well. I add credit card and insurance, still there is no different from traffic hits from search engines to this blog.


My Conclusion:
The page rank of this blog is still zero (0). The question is, if this blog will get a page rank of 3, will it definitely attract more traffic hits from search engines? I think, the answer is always depends if my articles has their own page rank.

Example, if the page rank of a blog homepage is 3 and the pages are zero, will the pages attract search traffic?

Focus Niche or Multi Niche Blog – I Choose Both

When this blog has no other topic aside from personal finance (stocks, mutual funds, credit cards, loans and insurance) there are interested bloggers and website owners who wants to make a guest post. After few months, I added off-topic such as “facebook tips,”, computer software, etc. The readers aren’t stay longer in this blog. I think when they search for an “investment total” or “return on investment” phrase, and once they landed in my blog, they will just press the back button because they will see a non-related content.

In focus niche, you are targeting a limited number of people. But when I started blogging different topics, the blog traffic slowly increase overtime. I don’t know what to do since this blog is just a personal blog.

So, I decided to write this topic, which is better, a niche focus blog or a multi-niche blog. Awhile ago, I visited some personal finance blog and they also talk about other thing aside from money. I find out, a personal finance blogger on that blog is also writing an article about “how to make money with a blog”, “search engine optimization”, “social media trends” and “trivia”.

Focus Niche or Multi Niche Blog – Traffic Matters

Lesson: If I want to make more money online blogging, I should generate millions of blog traffic. In order for me to generate millions of blog traffic, I should write what are people searching on the internet. There are only few people in the world who are interested in “investments” but about “sports, trivia, social networks, computer softwares”, I think millions of them are searching for these terms.

Focus Niche or Multi Niche Blog in Affiliate Programs

Another Conclusion: Whether you are running a niche focus blog or multi-niche blog, whether you are making money with affiliate programs, you can make a lot money depending on the traffic you can get. What’s the sense of a focus blog if you only get 50 visits a day. What’s the sense of multi-niche blog that gets thousands of traffics a day that don’t convert a single sale? The answer is, traffic. And I am trying hard to find out the best way to generate more traffic via search engines.

Now, in your own experience, which makes you the more money online? Focus niche or multi niche blog? Kindly share your opinion in the comment box. Thank you very much for spending your time reading this article.

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