FOCUS: Finish One Course Until Successful

Posted by Grace under Business on April 9, 2016

FOCUS abbreviated by Robert T. Kiyosaki as Finish One Course Until Successful. What does it mean? Are you one of many people who are not achieving anything? Do you feel like you didn’t accomplish something?

The sentence “finish once course until successful” can be apply in studying a college course, as an entrepreneur or an investor and in anything that has something to do when creating a “goal”.


Why should we finish once course first? It is not yet finish if you didn’t see any great results. If you didn’t meet your goal, that means it is not the end. You still have to do something to prove, to do or to accomplish.

My Thoughts on FOCUS, Finish One Course Until Successful

Here is the idea, do one thing at a time. Don’t do another thing if the previous one isn’t yet accomplished. How can you know if it’s time to do another thing?

When you achieved you goal for a specific activity. That’s the right time to a previous course. Example, if you create a goal in business. Your goal is to make $1,000,000 profit in business. Don’t stop until you get there. Sometimes, you need to stop doing just for the sake analyzing whether you are achieving your goal or not. It is some sort of tracking your business goal. But it doesn’t mean you need to quit doing business if you didn’t see great results.

Robert T. Kiyosaki is a motivational and inspirational speaker when it comes to business and investments. If you just read his life story especially on how did he get started in real estate investing, he don’t stop until he became a multi-millionaire.

He didn’t stop increasing his knowledge about real estate investing.
He didn’t stop thinking on how to become rich until he realized that “leveraging” is the key to getting rich.

I want to thank him for writing books sharing his knowledge on investing. I would like to recommend Cash Flow Quadrant and the popular Rich Dad Poor Dad. Grab some copy of those books and you will have an idea what does FOCUS is all about.

Finish One Course Until Successful

Image Credit: Chase Elliott Clark on CC 2.0 via Flickr

Focus in One College Course

You can’t get a masteral degree if you don’t have a BS degree. Am I right? Yes! But if you want to master a simple skill, you don’t need to go to school and learn something about it. Do you want to become an architect? Then go to college and take a BS architecture course. It don’t stop there. Be sure to always have a passing grade every year until graduation.
How to become focused as a student? Forget the sacrifices and the money you spend for tuition. Focus on the rewards you can get, and that is your college diploma and a good employment opportunities.

Note: Robert T. Kiyosaki believes working for someone else can’t help you get rich. If you want to become wealthy, invest money and find time to learn how to make the money work for you. I just use the above example “college course” for the sake of this discussion.

The word FOCUS can help you achieve one thing at a time. Don’t do more things at a time. Otherwise, your work is just a mediocre work.


You should not stop to your business endeavor, investing journey or even to your college course if you didn’t see any results. Having a smart plans and SMART goals is necessary. Your goals will help you become focused. If you have goals, you are not easily get distracted by frustrations, disappointments and failures.

It’s your turn! What do you think the reasons why Robert T. Kiyosaki abbreviates FOCUS as finish one course until successful? Share your thoughts and opinions below!

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