Finding Overseas Jobs is Easy, But Working Abroad is Not!

Posted by Grace under Careers on January 9, 2016

Many people especially Filipinos are finding overseas jobs. They really want to work abroad. One of their dream is to work abroad especially in largest and rich countries such as USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Are you one of the many Filipinos dreaming to work abroad?

My friend is applying a job in New Zealand, he said there is only small amount of placement fees. He added, the employment agency is registered in POEA, however, there is no clear results about his application. New Zealand is one of the most favorite countries of OFW – Overseas Fililipino Workers. In New Zealand, most jobs are in the farm such as taking care of live stocks.


Today, let us find out how can you find overseas jobs assuming you want to work abroad especially in New Zealand. This guide is also applicable to other Filipino who wants to work in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, etc.

Find Overseas Jobs is Very Easy

The question is how can you din overseas jobs. Here’s some of the useful guide you can follow;

  • You can search overseas jobs on newspapers classifieds.
  • Find jobs abroad on the internet preferably job searching sites like Monster or WorkAbroad
  • Search jobs in POEA websites.
  • Find jobs by going to employment agencies. Most of them are located in Manila, Makati and Ortigas
  • You can also ask the OFW about job hiring in the countries they are working in.

You can try the last guide if you join the Overseas Filipino Workers Tambayan on Facebook. Once you join the groups, ask them which employment agency is the best to work in a specific country.

Finding Overseas Jobs is Easy, But Working Abroad is Another Story

Through the use of internet, you can easily find overseas jobs. It is easy to find jobs abroad, just make sure you are with the registered employment agency. However, when you find a jobs abroad, be sure to prepare yourself when working overseas.

The culture shock, the homesickness, loneliness and sometimes discrimination are the things you should know. How can you cope with culture shock and homesickness? What should you do if other nationality will try to make you feel down or belittle your skills?

Ask OFW especially OFW in Saudi Arabia how is life when working abroad. Are you ready to work abroad? Are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to live miles away with your loved ones? If yes, then start finding overseas jobs using the five ways mentioned in this guide. Good luck to your job searching!

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