How to Find Trending Searches in Any Country Using Google Trends

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 15, 2017

In Google Trends, you can find the trending searches in any country easily. Google trends will help you what people are searching in Google search bar. Google homepage is very simple and silent, but when we explore it, we will find out that’s it is very busy because many people is using Google to search informations, news, events, products, services, places, people, etc.

We can use Google Trends to find trending searches and use this searches as our reference if the news or events are viral to the internet. We are not using Facebook here, the viral post in Facebook and Twitter and other social medias are not the same to the trending searches in Google Trends.


How to Find Trending Searches in Any Country Using Google Trends

Step 1. Go to Google Trends, or simply visit

Step 2. Go to Trending Searches. Simply hover your mouse to the navigation bar right before the Google Trends logo, and then go to “Trending Searches”.

Step 3. Change Countries.  In this example, I use United States to find the trending searches on that country, I select United States.

On January 14, 2017 (Saturday), the trending searches in United States are Princess Margaret, Priyanka Chopra, Isaiah Thomas, Milo Yiannopoulos, Diego Costa, SpaceX, FC Barcelona, Patriots Game.

Step 4. Analyze the trending searches. You can easily identify which topic is the most searched on Google. There are links to other website for you to read the post. Also, you have the option to analyze the trending searches deeply.

To know whether the story is interesting or not, you just simply read the excerpt or the introduction of the post.

Tips & Warnings

  • Find trending searches in your own country by simply changing the “Country”. Select countries if you want to know the hot topics in a specific country.
  • Bloggers, internet marketers, journalist, news writer use Google trends to know the latest topics and hot topics that are most talked about.
  • Usually, the hot topics on radio and television news are also the trending searches online especially on Google.

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