Find Cheap Hotels in New York City (with Pictures)

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The best way to find cheap hotels in New York is to search hotels directly in Google. I will teach you on how to find affordable hotel deals whether it is a 2 star, 3 star hotel or even a 5 star hotel. One of the best things to do in New York City is watch the city in a sky view especially at night. So, if you are planning to travel New York, you should find a fantastic place to stay at.

5 Steps in Finding Cheap Hotels in New York City

Step 1. Go to home page


Step 2. Type “hotels in New York” in the search bar and press “search” or press “enter” in your keyboard.

Step 3. Concentrate on the results page and look for the results with reviews. (see figure 1.1)

Example: When I was searching cheap hotels in New York, Google shows in the results page New York Hostel in E 34th St. Hostel-like prosperity with free Wi-Fi. Also, Google suggest Super 8 Bronx with 4.9 ratings with 13 reviews. It is a 2 star hotel from Southern Boulevard. A unfussy budget hotel with free breakfast and free wi-fi. Super Brooklyn/Park Slope Hotel has 4.3 rating with 23 reviews. It is a 2 start hotel located at 3rd avenue. A budget option with free breakfast and wi-fi.

cheap hotels in new york

Figure 1.1

Step 4. Press “more cheap hotels”. As seen on the arrow in figure 1.1.

Step 5. Customize your search. (see figure 1.2)

In the “Any price”, you can choose $150 or less, $250 or less, $300 or less and $450 or less. While on the rating, you can find hotels in New York with highest rating from 2,3 amd 4 and up. In the “Any hotel class”, just select what hotel class are you looking for. You have 4 options namely 2 stars or better, 3-stars, 4-stars and 5-stars.

find affordable hotels in new york city

Figure 1.2

Book a Hotel Room in New York

If you want to book a room, just select one hotel, select your check in dates and then press “book” or view more rates before you book a room. Use credit card to complete this option.

Let me know your tricks in finding cheap hotels in New York, leave a comment and do not forget to share this page with your friends. Thank you!

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