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Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on August 31, 2013

Looking for financial topics for your personal finance blog? Are you planning to be set up your blog and your niche is about “finance’? Are you searching for different topics on what to discuss in your finance blog? I will give you an idea so that you will never get lack of ideas or topics everyday.

There is a benefits also on your financial goal if you will talk about money. The reason why I shift topics in my blogging ventures from “technology and health topics” is because I want to monitor my investment portfolios and achieve my financial goal easily. Every time I will become interesting in investment topics, I educate myself also about financial literacy.


Consider yourself as a financial experts, or knowledgeable about different types of investment and think you know how to really manage your money.

If a blogger talks about money “not talking about making money online”, he will become financially literate eventually, for he will study seriously with interest about finances, how come he will become a good writer or blogger in finance niche if he don’t know what should be discuss in his blog, or if he has o investment for himself.

If you have experience in investing money, you can teach people ow to do so by sharing your experiences and knowledges, your profits, your feelings and emotions in investing, anything, you can share them easily for you have the “on-hand” experiences not just talk or claiming you are an expert and your ideas came only from other finance blog.

Financial Topics for Your Personal Finance Blog

Remember, your goal in your “finance blog”, is not just to make money on your blog, but to educate people about financial literacy, here are the best things to discuss;

Current Financial Situation
Financial Goal and Financial Planning
Financial Management Series
Investment Strategies in Stock Market
Investment Strategies in Mutual Funds
Investment Strategies in Unit Investment Trust Funds
Top Companies to Invest Money With
Saving and Budgeting
Spending Tips and Spending Habit
Performance of Stock Market
Performance of  Mutual Fund Companies
How to’s (Investing, Saving, Budgeting, Spending)
Life Insurances
Your Investment Portfolio

These are the topics, all of these are important, the best thing about financial topics is you can monitor your financial goal such as investment portfolios and how you manage your hard-earned money, I will give you an example; please read achieving my financial goal here.

See also how we started investing in Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) at BDO in their EIP (easy investment plan) last August 2013.

You can put images, videos in your blog, there are many videos that will help your reader on how to become financially literate, but make sure you should not forget on how to give credits to all financial coach and experts especially i the videos their made. See example in my article entitled – COL Financial Easy Investment Program, where Aya Laraya in his video talks about peso-cost averaging.

So far, these are my focus topics aside from career and employment blog. Now you know that there are many financial topics for you to write about as a personal finance blogger.

Thank you for reading this article, if you want to browse my articles you ca go to the blog archives or read the conversation (start your topics also) and just ask the financial experts in our question and answer page about money.

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