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Looking for financial literacy information online? How to become financially literate using online information about financial management and skills? The best way to become rich is to acquired skills not just to make millions but on how to manage millions of money. If someone wants to become really wealthy, the information about financial literacy is very important. Here in, there are things you can learn for free, important information such as managing money, investing money, budgeting, savings and wise spending habits.

There are also free information about insurance, retirement planning and lot of discussions about money. Keep on reading to guide you in this very important topic – money!


There are lot of financial experts out there who are spreading financial literacy through conducting seminars. Two thumbs up for them. Some seminars are for free and some are not. It is important to attend seminars because you can ask the money experts personally regarding your concern about finances and they can teach you well because they can easily understand you since you are talking to them in person.

Financial Literacy Information Online are FREE!

Unlike in online world, you just read articles, ask questions in forums. The problem is, there are lot of people who are willing to answer your questions about finances and you will just get confuse because you don’t know what is facts, or what is opinions. Some people who answer your questions has “hands on experience”, some people will easily answer your questions because they already attended seminars or they read a lot of financial topics.

When it comes to finances especially in investing, do not rely on other people’s opinions. You have to decide for your investments based on facts. Some beginners in investing might ask a question, which is better to put my money for high return? Is it mutual funds, UITF, stocks or bonds? How much life insurance should I need? How much money to save to retire comfortably? A lot of questions, unending questions asked repeatedly.

If you have no time to asks the experts through attending financial literacy seminars. Do not worry, today, I will provide some useful information and resources about financial literacy online and some reliable websites to look for information about “money”.

There are financial literacy online resources and programs such as “millionaire mind website” of T. Harv Eker. Rich Dad website of Robert Kiyosaki, Colayco Foundation by Mr. Francisco Colayco. Aya Laraya on Youtube – Peso and Sense.

Aside from the useful resources above, here are the lists of websites and blogs to read every day or every week to get useful information;

  • Randell Tiongson –
  • Marvin Germo –
  • Burn Gutierrez –
  • Pinoy Money Talk Website and Forum –
  • And of course Investment Total at

Aside from websites and blogs, you should also joining forums that related to your interest. Example, if you are interested on how to make money online, then go to forums related to make money online. If your interest is stocks investing, find forums about investing, if mutual funds, join forums about mutual funds and son and on…

Financial Literacy Information Online on Facebook!

Facebook is also one good resource to become financially literate. Join Facebook group or like Facebook page and ask about finances. The members of the group will be glad to answer all your questions. Here are Facebook group worth joining. (Just search this on Facebook)

  • OFW Usapang Piso Forum (Investment, Business and Financial Planning)
  • TGFI The Global Filipino Investors
  • Investing in the Philippine Stock Market – Tips and Tricks
  • Pinoy Insurance Talk! – The P.I.T
  • Philippine Stock Market Discussions, Comments and Forecast
  • Investment Total Facebook Page

Almost every month, there are blogs and forums who are updating their contents to educate you about finances. Look for finance blog with useful contents, some blogs are tracking the performance of mutual funds, making stocks analysis, writing financial topics and a lot more.

If you really want to learn financial education online, all you have to do is choose websites that talks about specific topics, example a blog that will teach you how to save, a blog how to teach you how to budget, a blog on how to teach you how to become rich through investing. Choose which topic you want to learn;

1. Money management
2. Saving money
3. Budgeting money
4. Retirement Planning
5. Spending money
6. Acquiring Life Insurance
7. Investing money
8. Business and Entrepreneurship

What activities to do?

There are many activities to do to get financial literacy information, subscribe to your favorite finance blog to receive updates easily. If you find people that you think a financial experts, make friends with them, say “hi” and start asking. Follow your financial advisor or coach in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The keywords are, add friend, subscribe, follow or likes.

You are searching for an information, information can only feed your mind. But how about your skills and attitude towards money? Is it true to attend seminars, keep on reading books,  blogs and ask questions on forums, however, the skills can only learn in the real world. The information you learned online won’t make sense if you will not apply it in the real world.

Example, if you learn about stocks investing online by reading blogs and asking on forums, you will never succeed in stocks investing unless you will open a stock broker account and start buying stocks. The secret to financial success is “learn, apply what you learn and keep learning”.

Financial Management Skills

The most important skills you should learn is managing your money even a single cent. You will never know the value of a single cent until it’s gone. For you to learn money management, read guide on how to manage money properly.

Aside from money management, you should also learn how to diversify your investments, and that’s not easy. Learn diversification especially when you are investing in the stock market is necessary.

I hope you join the Facebook group that will help you teach financial literacy, read the financial experts blog, subscribe to their blog and start asking questions on forums.

Not only parents should inform about financial literacy, all family members should know about this. Open a stock broker account for your kids, a mutual fund joint account with your spouse, or a simple “in-trust-account” for your kids.

Important: It is still necessary to attend seminars or hire a financial coach. Invest money in financial education. Seminars are still the best and effective compare to just reading blogs and asking on forums. Don’t get lure with the “FREE” information, you should ask yourself, is the information written online are “reliable”, “facts”, “proven”? You are putting your hard-earned money at the highest risk if you aren’t well informed, or let’s say “correctly informed”.

To get started about financial literacy online, kindly study the following topics;
How much emergency funds or cash reserve should I need? (At least equivalent to 6 months of your income). You don’t want to pull out your investment earlier because of emergency happened.

Do I need life insurance? Of course, insurance are also consider as “income protection”. How much coverage, at least 3 to 5 years of annual income. If your annual income is P500,000, you should have an insurance with coverage amounting to P1,500,000

Now, I have emergency funds, life insurance, what is the next best thing to do? Be a “free debt” person, stay out of debt as possible. Pay your debt immediately especially if these are earning interest. Example: credit card debts, loan from financial institutions and banks.

After you have prepared the step 1 to step 3, make a plan. Create a financial road map, how? Learn how much target earning asset you should acquire during retirement.

Consider reading: Retirement target earning asset computation for beginners.

After you have known how much money to set aside for your retirement, then it is time to invest money. Why invest? Investing can help you grow your money overtime and can help you beat inflation. Saving in the bank is good but make sure it is only your ‘emergency funds”. To help you get started about investing, study the different types of investments.

Thoughts to Ponder

Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.
-T. Harv Eker on the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Wealth File #17

Now you know where to get financial literacy information online. Visit your favorite personal finance blogs or start asking question on investment club online. Leave a comment below if you have questions!

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