Filipina Women are Sexiest, Hot & Gorgeous

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Want to know the most famous Filipina women? Why are you searching Filipina women anyway? Just want to know them who they are or just looking for lifetime relationship? FYI, this blog is not an online dating site wherein you can find beautiful, sexy, young, educated and gorgeous women on the internet.

In the Philippines, there are many beautiful women. And mind you guys, Filipina women are smart enough to know what you’re thinking. If you want to date a Filipina girl, you should treat them like a special lady. There are many ways to find Filipina ladies online and offline.


Where to Find Filipina Women?

If you want to find Pinay girls, you can go a Filipino community in your own country. For example, there are many Filipino in USA and most of them are residing in California (Los Angeles and San Diego) other Filipina ladies can find on Vancouver Canada.

If you are planning to travel the Philippines, you can date a Filipina girl somewhere in Angeles City, Pampanga, Malate Manila and Cebu City. Some foreigners are chatting with a Pinay online via Facebook or Messenger, some foreigners are looking a girl on the best online dating sites but they need to pay money for subscription. Why not date a girl personally, meet a girl personally and know a girl personally.

How to know if a girl is a Filipina or just a girl from other Asian countries?

You can identify easily a Filipina girl, first greet a girl “kumusta” or tell a girl “ang ganda mo” or “pwede ba kitang maging kaibigan”?

  • Kumusta means “how are you?”
  • Ang ganda mo in Filipino language is “you’re beautiful”.
  • Pwede ba kitang maging kaibigan means “can we be friends?”.

In our today’s world, you can’t identify easily a women if she is a real filipina or not. Some Filipinas look like Latin girls, British women and some looks like American girls because of their lovely brown eyes and white skin. According to old Filipino people, real Filipinas don’t have pointed nose and the color of their skins are brown. Due to many cosmetic products, high technology used in surgical operations used for beautification of the body and skin, we can’t easily identify the real Filipina women.

Characteristics of Filipina Women

These are some of the characteristics of Filipina women I observed;

  1. Humble
  2. Simple
  3. Understanding
  4. Hardworking
  5. Smart

In general, maybe you think even other girls from other countries are hardworking and smart. I know that, for me, Filipina women are more dedicated to their work.

Why Other Foreigners are Looking for Filipina Women as their Lifetime Partner?

It is because Filipina women has a great culture whereas they will serve their husbands. Everytime I go to Angeles City Pampanga and Malate Manila, I observed foreigners happily dating Filipina ladies. It is very noticeable that a tall white guy is dating a beautiful, young and small girl. Anyway, if love is unconditional, love is also “not judgmental”.

For me, Filipina girls and every women in the world deserve respects. Every women in the world deserve to become happy. If they are dating foreign guy or any guy, it’s their choice. What matters most is that they will find the right man to live with happily ever after.

What You Should Know About Filipina Women?

Filipina women aren’t for sale! They aren’t available as “mail order brides” as if you’re just only ordering a fried chicken in the restaurant. In my next article, I should write about the 101 sexiest and hottest Filpina ladies in the Philippines. So what are you waiting for, subscribe to now!

Do you have any experience in dating asian women? Did you spend some time with Thai women, Chinese and Japanese women? What are the difference between them and Filipina women? Can you share it in the comment box below. Thank you!

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