Famous British People – Most Influential People in UK

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In US, one of the most influential people is Bill Gates. But, what about the most famous British or the most influential men in United Kingdom (UK)? I came up with this topic because when I published the article (most influential in USA), some of the readers are asking some names, popular names, famous personality in other countries such as UK, Canada and Australia.

“If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the most influential in United States of America, can you tell me some names in UK?”


My Response: I’m glad you’re visiting InvestmentTotal.com, I will post some articles about the most influential men (British) in United Kingdom later. (this post). I decided to categorize every question and answer series of articles in this blog. If you want to read some articles related to United Kingdom, just search my blog using this terms “United Kingdom Post”.

Update: The word “influential” means having a direct power over men, events or things.

What makes a man become so influential? The first reason is the “name” itself. Some people became so influential when they did good deeds, or an unforgettable heroism or greatness.

Famous British People – Most Influential People in UK

Some people became influential because of respect gained from the public. Some became so influential because of “title” or authority. Example, Presidents, Senators, Ambassadors, Celebrities, etc.

So, for me (in my own opinion), the most influential people in UK are;
1. Queen
2. PrinceWilliam
3. Prime Minister

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Famous British People

Update: If you are looking for the most famous people in Britain, let me include William Shakespeare (Writer), Sir Paul McCartney (Music),  Elton John (Singer), Francis Bacon (Lawyer, Scientist), Alexander Graham Bell (Educator, Inventor, Scientist), William Blake (Artist, Poet), Charles Dickens (Author), Sir Winston Churchill (Politician), Princess of Wales Diana, Charles Darwin and the one who founded boy scout Robert Baden Powell.

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