FAMI Statement of Account (April-June 2014)

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 4, 2014

This thing is very personal: My FAMI statement of account as of April-June 2014. Since the day I have changed my thoughts from receiving bills to receiving checks in the mail, everything has changed, my finances and even how should I think about anything.

When I heard about First Metro Asset Management Inc  last 2013, I am curious about it. What it is all about, how it can help me achieve my financial goal, today I am making some money, and my money is growing without doing anything. So far as of today, I invested P212,500 in my FAMI-SALEF account. The statement below shown only my initial investment, you can see some of my FAMI-SALEF proofs of investment here.


We all know investing is not that easy, we should also know investing is not only for the rich, it is for everyone, good thing about FAMI mutual funds. You can invest for as low as P5,000 as your initial investment and make an additional investment for as low as P1,000. another great thing is that it is convenient to invest in FAMI mutual funds (hey, I am not promoting FAMI) I am just satisfied with their services.

How convenient? All you have to do is to visit their official website at www.fami.com.ph, download their forms (prospectus, account opening form, investment application form, signature cards, photocopy of 2 valid ID’s) and go to the Metrobank Branch near in your area, ask some bank staff about FAMI investment. In my experience, I am glad most of the bank clerks/staffs are investing FAMI. That’s why they know about it.

Initial Investment at FAMI-SALEF

I just remember for initial investment is to deposit P5,000 in FAMI using Metrobank deposit slip, and for additional investment, just use the green payment slip of Metrobank, and for few days, you will receive your copy of participation (Official Confirmation Receipt) via mail courier, in my experience, I receive the things via Air21.

This is just a sample, a little amount but it makes a big difference, I know a lot of people who invest millions, but on my part I only invest from few thousand pesos to hundreds of thousands of pesos, sooner will be a millionaire investor. Thank God I have learned the wonders of investment in my younger age.

FAMI Statement of Account (April-June 2014) 

The FAMI Statement of account for my April to June 2014, after few months my July to September which I invest few hundred thousands in FAMI Equity Fund or the SALEF (Save and Learn Equity Fund Inc).

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I have to compile also my COR in this InvestmentTotal.com blog. This is too small compare to my goal, my goal is to have an earning asset of at least P10,000,000. I believe years will come my investment in FAMI-SALEFwill help me achieve this target earning asset.

After every 3 years I will add P200,000 in my FAMI-SALEF Account. This is just a personal finance blog, what I intend to do is track/monitor my investments online, write about my investments in stocks, mutual funds ad UITF. I don’t have to boast around nor to brag about this.

Really, this is just a hobby; blogging my investments, God bless us all, may your investments increase day by day and achieve financial freedom.

Keep on Learning Personal Finance

To God be the glory. Happy investing guys. Just keep investing, noone can help you achieve your financial goal, only you. Want to help yourself? Follow the rule; PAY YOURSELF FIRST.

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Money Quote and Saying for the Day;

A lack of money is never, ever, ever a problem. A lack of money is merely a symptom of what is going on underneath.-T. Harv Eker

Update: We can now receive FAMI statement of account via electronic delivery. If you have questions related to your SOA, leave a comment below or call FAMI customer hotline.

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