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Posted by Grace under Investing on August 1, 2014

FAMI SALEF: First Metro Asset Management Inc. Save and Learn Equity Fund for me is interesting, it suit my investing needs, and my criteria in investing in mutual funds. Although investing in mutual funds is easy, anyone who invest their hard earned money should know their investment objectives and goal.

FAMI-SALEF is a mutual fund equity type that receive a rewards this 2014 as a 2nd placer for 5-year return category during the 8th annual awards of PIFA: Philippine Investment Funds Association.


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I don’t want to mention the 1st placer here because I only have to write about how fast and good is the service of FAMI. Investing in FAMI favors those who are lazy, actually not “lazy”, but no time to watch the stock market from time to time, no time to go to the bank and invest, you can add funds in your FAMI SALEF online.

Before I put some money in FAMI-SALEF, I do my own research, plan my investing strategy and this is what happened. An initial investment of P5,000, then additional investment of P2,500, then I became busy for few things like earning extra income, I made P200,000 and decide where to put this extra money. I think for about 3 days before I decide where to invest this money, is it in the stock market, is it in other mutual fund account, or in my UITF?

I decided and choosed FAMI-SALEF, since I am planning to invest this money for long term. I did it. I have my money, and invest this easily. For about 3 minutes, the transaction is done. I fill out the green payment slip of Metrobank, put Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc., and pay to the teller. Simple, isn’t it?

Mutual Fund Investing Strategy 

The strategy doesn’t count, the money and time is. But you should know when to invest and divest your money in mutual funds, or when to shift your money into other allocation investment assets. There is a calculated risk, I am not afraid of risk? Why?

Everyday, we are taking risk unconsciously, we walk along the street with lot f strangers, we drive a car, we eat unhealthy foods, we go anywhere. There’s no reason why the investors should afraid of risk, maybe afraid of losing money. Rich people focus on winning while other people focus on “not to lose money”. Investing is very complicated, but if you make it a habit, you will become wealthy.

That’s guaranteed. But, a big BUT. Anyone who wish to grow their money in investing especially in mutual funds, should have patience and let the fund manager do the investing. Relax, FAMI-SALEF fund manager are doing great.

I invests P200,000.00 in FAMI SALEF on July 22, 2014. It only take 3 days, sometimes 5 working days (in my experience) to receive the copy of participation. I am happy when I received the thing, 2014 until 2034, I will put my trust to the mutual fund manager, after 3 years I will add another P200,000 in our FAMI SALEF account, me and my husband plan is to invests as long as we are young and has only 1 kid.

High Risk, High Return

We all know high risk means is equal to high return, sooner me and my partner will become a multi millionaire, God knows our purpose why we should become multi-millionaire.

See the official FAMI_SALEF receipt here.

I invest on July 22 and received an email from FAMI on July 23, 2014.;

FAMI SALEF – FAMI Booking Confirmation via Email

Subject: Booking Confirmation
Good Day __ OR ___,
This is a system-generated email to CONFIRM your SUBCRIPTION with the SECURITY_CODE SALEF for value date July 22, 2014.
Your satisfaction is a great compliment for us. We look forward to serving you better.
Please do not hesitate to email us at fami@firstmetro.com.ph. Should you need specific details on your transaction, you may choose any of the following actions:
·    Email cor@fami.com.ph for Confirmation Receipt related concerns·    Email soa@fami.com.ph for Statement of Account related concerns·    Visit  http://portal.fami.com.ph/IDEAL_PORTAL/ to view your online Statement of Account ·    Call our Hotline at 941-3264 (941-FAMI) for any other concerns.  Thanks & Regards,
Xyra Paderes FAMI RepresentativeFirst Metro Asset Management, Inc.18F PSBank Center777 Paseo De Roxas cor, Sedeno St.Salcedo Village, Makati CityTel: 9413264Web:  www.fami.com.phwww.facebook.com/firstmetrofundswww.twitter.com/saveandlearn

Here’s the NAVPS of First Metro Asset Management Inc of different funds when I invest P200,000 in FAMI SALEF. As of July 21,2014 the NAVPS of FAMI-SALEF is 5.2455, when I am making some changes in this page (August 28,2014) The NAVPS is 5.2711, just compute the gain or profits.

Do you want to know how to invest in mutual fund companies in the Philippines? Or just want to know how much you should invest every month to acquire your target earning asset? Mutual fund investing is very easy, please read the guide here.

I will check back the NAVPS of FAMI-SALEF after 5 years, I am not worrying nor excited if it is high or low, I am only concern how much my money gain after 5 years, will it double my money after 5 years? if not, then I should know what to do with my funds in FAMI-SALEF. I trust the FAMI-SALEF Fund manager and based on historical performance, they are doing very great.

See the performance below;

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2014 Best Performing Philippine Mutual Funds

Learn Mutual Fund Investing Today

What do you think my P200,000 will be worth after 34 years? Actually if the funds will do good, then I will put another P200,000 after 3 or 5 years. Share your point of view about FAMI-SALEF.

If you want to invest in mutual funds, there is a basic guide for you to follow, take note that I am not recommending or offering any financial products and insurance in this blog. What I am doing is sharing my own investing experience here at InvestmentTotal.com, just a personal finance blog.

For OFWs, employees and professionals in the Philippines, do not miss this great opportunity to make your money work for you, let your money grow in few years to come. Enjoy the benefits of time, compound interest and “leverage”. Should you borrow money to invest money? It depends, why not? If you know you will gain or earn more than your loan interest. The best thing about investing money is, you will practice having “self-courage”. Just do it and reap what you sowed sooner.

Thank you for reading this article about my FAMI-SALEF booking confirmation. Two thumbs up for the great services of First Metro Asset Management Inc.. Learn how to invest in mutual funds in the Philippines today.

Thought for the Day:

“It’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time.”-T. Harv Eker

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