FAMI SALEF: Confirmation Receipts

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Here are the example of FAMI SALEF confirmation receipts! Investing in FAMI-SALEF for me is exciting. First Metro Asset Management Inc. Their FAMI-SALEF won a 2nd place in mutual funds equity during the 8th PIFA awards night. I am not concern why they are not on top,I just have my own decision when it comes to investing.

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FAMI-SALEF for me is meeting my investing needs, first it is very convenient, I just go to Metrobank branch in our town and fill up a payment slip for FAMI-SALEF and they will send the official receipt in my house after few days. This page should be devote only to my FAMI COR, I collect or even published my COR in this page, just to make sure if I lost my original FAMI COR, will never find it difficult to track my mutual funds. My inital investment in First Metro Asset Management Inc was only P5,000 (as low as that). Imagine you can invest in mutual funds for just P5,000. How cool, right?

Although investing in equity has a high risk compare to government securities and deposit slip, but I can afford to take risk because I am still young, and I  believe your investment should always be proportionate to my gains. Take high risk you will get high rewards. That’s the beauty of investing, I will going to invest millions to make millions, money is money, money is important, but I want to play the game of money, I never tolerate the money will play my life. I will be the one, that’s why I invest, I manage money, I save, and spend it wisely.

Back to FAMI-SALEF, I have the “end in mind” results whenever I am doing something, Iam always thinking positive, if it didn’t work, i will make it work.  Our FAMI-SALEF funds is one of my family’s assets (paper assets). We believe FAMI-SALEF is one of the best solution to meet my family’s target earning asset.

Imagine Lump Sum Investing

Imagine if you invest P212,000 in FAMI and having a  total shares of 39,936 and let the time do the work for you. It is a secret when to redeem my investment in FAMI, but not lower than 10 years, and making an additional investments when I earned in my extra income like in our backyard piggery.

Do you want also to invest in FAMI-SALEF? Here’s the simple guide, first read the FAMI Prospectus, second, fill up the application form (Account Opening Form, Investment Application Form,Signature Cards) that can be found on their official website at fami.com.ph.

Submit the documents together with your photocopy of 2 valid ID’s (example: Driver’s License, NBI Clearance, PRC ID, TIN) etc.

If you have a kids below 18 years old, you can open an In trust Account (you and your kid), documents plus the valid ID’s and birth certificate.

Make your FAMI investment through the following cash or checks, In my experience, when i opened my FAMI-SALEF account at Metrobank branch in our area, one of the bank staff assist me on how to do it, I am glad I made it easily. Just ask the bank and they will happy to serve you about investing in FAMI.

FAMI SALEF: Confirmation Receipts

When you will go to the bank, make sure you download and print the FAMI Account Opening Form, Investment Application Form and signature cards that can be found in their official website. Happy investing.

Do not delay your investment, time is your best ally. In this blog InvestmentTotal.com, we discuss about the power of time and compound interest when it comes to investing.

Total Amount Remitted: P5,000.00
Sales Load: P100.00
Number of Shares Purchased: 963
NAVPs: 5.0908
Date Purchased: October 8, 2013
Total Amount Remitted: P2,500.00
Sales Load: P50.00
Number of Shares Purchased: 471
NAVPs: 5.2053
Date Purchased: October 25, 2013
Total Amount Remitted: P205,000.00
Sales Load: P3,075.00
Number of Shares Purchased: 38,502
NAVPs: 5.2446

Date Purchased: July 22, 2014

Look at the performance of FAMI-SALEF (Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc.) during the 8th annual awards night of PIFA held at Solaire Resort and Casino on August 14, 2104. FAMI-SALEF got the 2nd place for mutual fund equity (peso) 5 year return. And 1st place for balanced fund (peso) 5 year return goes to FAMI Save and Learn Balanced Fund, Inc.

If you have million investment in equity mutual fund and you want to shift this to balanced fund to bond funds, you have to consider also the other FAMI mutual fund type, they got the 1st place. The peso dominated bond fund 1,3 and 5 year return awardees goes to First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc.

See the mutual fund awardees on 8th PIFA annual awards night today for some details.

First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc.

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Update: For privacy purposes, I hide other information about the FAMI SALEF confirmation receipts. I hope this will encourage you to start investing money in mutual funds. Have questions? Leave them in the comment box below.

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