Facebook Unfollow Option, A Nice Way to Attract Good Things in Life

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Facebook unfollow option is a nice way to hide all bad and negative vibes when you log in to your Facebook account. Do you know that Facebook unfollow option can help you attract only the good things in life? If you don’t know what I mean about using Facebook and the law of attraction, read this guide. Not all Facebook users are taking advantage of the Facebook unfollow option. The use of this unfollow option is to hide all post from someone (maybe your friends or other accounts even pages and groups).

The question is “should I unfollow my friend?”. What would happen if I unfollow my friends? Will they get mad at me?


Those are good questions to ask. First, when you unfollow your friends on Facebook, you will never see any updates from them. Therefore, choose only those friends to unfollow. I prefer to unfollow my Facebook friends who just share negative and nonsensical things like;

  • A post about government corruption.
  • A post about killings
  • A post about poverty
  • A post about accidents
  • A Facebook updates about sickness
  • A post about unhealthy relationship
  • A post about complaining over and over…
  • etc.

Facebook Unfollow Option

If you don’t want to see negative vibes when you are using Facebook, then you have the option to do so. Feel free to read this simple guide on how to unfollow friends and other people, pages and Facebook groups.

You have two options to unfollow friends;

In your Facebook friend’s profile, press unfollow.

facebook unfollow option on friends profile-min

In the newsfeed, press the “dropdown” menu and press “unfollow”.

This option is my favorite because whenever I see any negative post, I can easily unfollow those people or friends who share “negative vibes”.

Here’s how to do it. Log on to Facebook, browse FB news feed, choose friends, pages, or groups to unfollow;

unfollow facebook friends on newsfeed-min

If you find a posts that are annoying or inappropriate, you have the option to unfollow the person who shared those posts. Maybe you ask, is unfollowing Facebook friends a good idea?

Here is the simple point of views from the admin of this blog.

  • In real life, you have the options to follow anyone. Ask yourself, are these people worth following? Will they affect my life positively?
  • Do you know that the “law of attraction” are always obedience? The law states that what you see is what you get, what you hear, what you read and what you feel is what you get.

If you allow to always see unhealthy relationship everyday even when you are online, soon your relationship with your partner will become unhealthy too. Unhealthy relationship, sickness, poverty, killings, child abused, illegal drugs, accidents and many negative vibes are unconsciously attracted by YOU because you are always seeing those things.

Believe me on this, the “law of attraction” is your “genie in a bottle”. Ask what you want. Attract what you want in your life by just following those people who already have the things you want. Like “happiness”, “prosperity”, “good health”, “good relationship”, “happy family”, “gratefulness”, “great career”, etc.

People, Pages, Groups I Follow in Facebook

Personally, there are 2 FB pages I follow the first one is “The Law of Attraction” and the other is “The Secret’. Also, I joined the groups about “The Secret”, “Personal Finance and Investing Club” wherein I shared my blog posts.

I also follow T. Harv Eker, a Canadian speaker and author of my favorite book. If a friend of mine will share negative thoughts, honestly I will unfollow him/her immediately. But, it does’t mean, we’re not friends anymore, this is just the way I use Facebook. It’s free (free with benefits), anyway!

So, close this page and start browsing FB newsfeed and unfollow those friends, pages and FB groups who only share negative vibes. Soon, you will get a funny surprise that you have no friends left to follow. Does this post make sense to you? Will you use Facebook to attract bad things or to attract good things? It’s your choice! Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant, isn’t he? Share this post wit your friends.

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